Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Absolute Power

The story of Helen Clark the Prime Minister of New Zealand.Written by Bestselling Author - Ian Wishart.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if the book will contain any revelations about Davis ?

dad4justice said...

Well the truth is always refreshing even though it can hurt sometimes.

I wouldn't have a clue what is in the book and I will buy a copy of it as soon as I can afford to. I have just finished The Divinity Code and I throughly enjoyed it and now I can be seen giving Dawkins a bit of static on his blog.

The power of the internet.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha

I can see Dawkins changing hsi mind now, all because of your superior intellect.

ha ha ha.

Did you know there's a law in NZ that sends kiddie fuckers to jail?

ha ha ha

dad4justice said...

Do you think you could do a few more "ha ha ha". Hi peter from the Investigate Magazine website tbr. One thing I will say about you poor radical feminists, you are incredibly persistent and irritating. This sad case is anonymous and always pathetic .I get dozens of attempted comments every day. Thank God for moderation.Bad luck RebelScum. I decided not to delete this dribble just to show how cowardly these creeps are.
Must be about time for another crank phone call.

What a gutless fight you horrible demented witches undertake.

I am disgusted in your depravity and abhorrent tactics.

Hello dad4justice@muslim and fugly.

Rot in hell you filth!!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Davis 'do' young retarded men as well ? Or what about Chris Carter,and his exploits in Dubai ? Beats the Green Room Sauna every time !

Anonymous said...

hardy ha ha ha

I'm planning a yacht cruise. Would you like to come? Bring your daughters if you wish.

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dad4justice said...

Peter is the anonymous internet creep and goes by Mr ha ha ha peter from Ian Wisharts site. I just posted this in response to the depravity shown by Helen Clark supporters. They are very unwell -sick people;

Her life is not "typical" and far from "admirable", but it is remarkable to mask the truth for so long.

God bless the sunlight of truth and rays of honesty.