Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Discrimination against fathers

The Washington Post has published a story about a FEMALE soldier who lost custody. Why didn't they feel compelled to write about the HUNDREDS of FATHERS to whom this also happens. Do journalists know the meaning of the word balance? Why didn't the Post write about as to why this happens to so many fathers in the first place? A gender bias media are rather tiresome.
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nothing said...

I have been a stay at home parent for 3.5 years. I quit a good paying job to stay with my children for over half their lives because I felt my need for "toys" and material possesions was less important than my children's well being.
Now, the court has given automatic 50/50 custody as well as taking away the child support that she owes me. She will soon be paying ZERO child support and makes $140,000 a year and even assaulted me during our kindergartener's enrollment and got a battery charge on her.
Why is a stay at home dad "lazy" and a stay at home mom is a great parent?
The judge also took away my first right of refusal so now when my ex goes out to party or whatever, she gets to put them in daycare and I am still not allowed to see my own children. I live about 3 miles from my ex, so convenience isn't even an argument.

My lawyer is also in cahoots with her lawyer and the LCM and I can get nothing done. I have no idea how to get a good lawyer and can get no help from anyone.
My ex also continually brainwashes the children against me.
I put them in dance and soccer, which one has done for 2 years now and I get a phone call from her house and each one tells me they hate dance/soccer and don't want to do it. All the while I can hear her coaching them in the background. She also tells them I am bad and mean because they get in trouble here and do whatever they want. My 7 year old got mad at me one day and said I am mean and mom is nice because mom lets her eat pop-tart, chicken nuggets and she doesn't even have to ask to watch TV.
Meanwhile, I enroll my children in activities, take them, go on walks, take the to the Y, swimming, etc.

dad4justice said...

What city are you in bro, email me and keep your spirits up as I have been shafted by the Family Court also.

For the kids this shit must stop.