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Peter van de Voorde 2008

A Supremacist, is a believer in the superiority of a particular group: somebody who holds the view that a particular group is innately superior to others and therefore is entitled to dominate them.

White, black, female, male, whatever their colour or gender, these are extremists, and are a danger to the wellbeing of all of us.

These supremacists can also be found in the various religions, those who believe their religion is the only worthy one and therefore their beliefs should reign supreme over those of all other religions.

We also see them in parent/child relationships. These are the women (and men) who regard themselves the supreme parent and consider that the other parent is not worthy of a relationship with their children. These behaviours are permitted to flourish under the current system, which slavishly grovels to the agenda of the female supremacists.

This system, driven by the agenda of small groups of female supremacists, is the real enemy of the people. Many good women recognize this and speak out on our behalf with the support of most decent men and women around the world.

Many of these women have sons who are being destroyed by this horrendous system, that allows the fracturing of our society, and are appalled by what they see. Like the Men's movement, some speak out but many remain silent. We should encourage and support those who are willing to speak out against the female supremacists amongst us.

Great leaders like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, embraced all those who wanted to help further their cause, no matter what colour their skin or what their gender. This eventually led to Gandhi and Mandela becoming leaders of their country and eventually saw a black US President. This would not have been possible without the support of those not sharing their skin colour.

So I think it is imperative we all focus on the real enemy "The System" and those who drive and support it. Like in the black civil rights movement, which saw people with a broad range of views, such as those of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, there are/and will continue to be, a wide range of views and methods used, before we achieve our common objective. Some are able to work together, others are unable to do so. But we are all playing our part.

Our greatest weakness is to attack each other. So let's not stifle debate, let's look for new ways to overcome our children's dilemma, let's be constructive and not destructive. If a particular method or process has not worked, or does not work anymore, let's move on and devise new ones. If earlier leaders have run out of ideas, let them move over and use their experience to encourage the new generation of parents to find new ways in an ever changing society.

Nothing much has changed in the abuse of our human rights by the International Family Justice System for the last 35 years, so new initiatives and ideas must be found. New ways to challenge and expose the system must be created. If they do not work, at least we prevent those following us repeating the same failed methods. So for the sake of our children, let's become more creative, imaginative and resourceful. Let's make 2009 the year that saw the beginning of the end, for a dreadful system that promotes the abuse of the fundamental human rights of our children to maintain a loving relationship with both of their parents.

What is inspiring about humans is, that just with a change of will, things can be different.

We can change the world, because we have that something special inside us, and it only takes a spark, one small second and we become different.

So let's set about igniting that spark and change community perceptions.

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