Saturday, December 6, 2008

Missing Child

An unconditional publication order has now been granted by the Family Court of Australia, in an attempt to locate Andrew.

Andrew was last known to have arrived at Frankfurt airport in Germany with his mother.

Anything you can do to help distribute this brochure, in any country, will be appreciated.


Paul Saurine

0409 773 121

Please forward / Bitte weiterleiten:


Andrew John THOMPSON

Four years of age - Born 19th August 2004

Andrew John THOMPSON was taken from Australia in April 2008 by Melinda Margaret THOMPSON (nee Melinda Margaret STRATTON).

They flew from Sydney to Frankfurt (Germany) on a Singapore Airlines flight on 24th April 2008 and have not been seen or heard from since then.

Both are Australian Citizens travelling on Australian passports.

Grave concerns are held for Andrew's safety and well-being by his father, Australian Police, and Australian child protection authorities.

Serious concerns are also held for Melinda THOMPSON's emotional well-being.

Melinda THOMPSON speaks fluent German and English, and French.

Andrew has fair hair and brown eyes. Melinda is blonde with brown eyes.

If you have seen them please contact your local Police urgently who will will contact Interpol - do not approach Melinda THOMPSON.
Andrew's father (Ken Thompson) can also contacted on or
+61-2-9816-3710 or
+61-417-416-024 if calling mobile to mobile.

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