Monday, December 1, 2008

USA band Madmen and Dreamers


MADMEN & DREAMERS Band USA have their Rock Opera "the Children of Children" Opening off-Broadway, New York City, on Friday 12 December, 2008.

Globally they are being applauded for their positive Creativity-in-Action and Social Consciousness.

Through the Arts & Music Storytelling they are stirring grassroots global 'people power'. Mobilization for constructive solutions of humankindness to a hidden international epidemic social problem destroying the lives of Children~Parents~Families. The essential fabric of Society.

A cautionary tale based on real life experiences of everyday folk caught within the multi$billion "human killjoy misery industry" --- the Family Law Court Systems in the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, NZ and Worldwide.

This innovative and imaginative Rock Opera brings the HOPE of "Lovein Action" to the millions upon millions of hurting & suffering Children~Parents~Families trapped in this secret "Concentration Camp" torment & torture.

Much power/strength to the Madmen & Dreamers Band and their Musical Quest of Truth through the freedom of Performing Arts Expression.

A Message from the 'Madmen & Dreamers' band Creative Director & Founder ~ Mark A Durstewitz {initials "MAD"}:

Here we go, folks! Fridays, starting December 12th at 10:30 pm, we will be performing our original rock musical, The Children of Children, at The Bleecker St. Theatre (, 45 Bleecker St. NYC, 10012. CofC Album Cover

Tickets are available on telecharge: and TDF
(Theatre Development Fund:

The Children of Children (
is the story of one father who refuses to divorce his kids. It
is the gripping, emotional tale of one of the greatest unaddressed issues of our time. If you haven't been through it, you know someone who has. It is a story of survival and growth and ultimate triumph.

Critically acclaimed on the web and in print, this independent release by Madmen and Dreamers has been nominated for Album Of The Year, had a single (Madmen and Dreamers) nominated for Record Of The Year and gained unheard of global radio play in both web and terrestrial FM.

"This story should be told to every generation." Trutti Gasparinetti, choreographer, New York City
". . . this has the same dramatic feel of some of Andrew Lloyd Webber's famous works. Jesus Christ Superstar is the one that comes to mind." Stephanie Sollow,
"It may be one of the most memorable, timely and potentially influential pieces of artful commentary to come along in some time ." Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D

Directed by Ovidio Vargas
Madmen and Dreamers (and guests) is:
Luca Grella: Father
Christine Hull: Mother
Lauren Lucksavage*: Daughter
Edmond J. Cody III*: Son
Mark A. Durstewitz: Keyboards
Mario Renes: Bass
Robert Dunleavy: Drums and Percussion
Edward Dozier: Guitar


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