Thursday, December 4, 2008

How many more children are going to suffer

Press release immediate.

How many more of our children are to die or be neglected and abused before the governments recognise the protective early detection role of grandparents? A fortune is spent on all kinds of useless schemes that obviously do not work when we have disasters like Baby P.

Why won’t they recognise the fact that grandparents can save the country millions by being relevant persons in a child’s life.

What have the governments got against grandparents that they refuse them the legal right to know when their grandchildren are being taken into care and refuse them the right to information about their grandchildren’s welfare? Are the administrators of family law doing their best for our children? Obviously not, but they still fill their pockets and children still die. Why do the governments refuse to accept that they are wrong and have messed up the family laws of this country?

We need grandparents to be relevant in a child’s life. Who better knows what is going on behind the closed doors but are not taken seriously.

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1 comment:

Madeleine said...

It is ridiculous that grandparents cannot be seen by the courts on equal standing as other close, direct, relatives.

Good on you for making this call.