Friday, March 27, 2009

Australian Politicians are as Democratic as Hitler’s Arsehole.

Australian Politicians are as Democratic as Hitler’s Arsehole.
Politicians, this is the Society you have created as you grovel to the feminist fascists to gain the female vote.
Twenty men, devoted fathers are killing themselves every week as a result of being denied their children, often as a result of the use and abuse of a restraining order.  And what  are Australian politicians  doing about this ?   Absolutely nothing .
Recently, an associate of mine, Nick, another father’s activist and devoted father, gave his daughter a present on her birthday . For this act of fatherly love he was arrested and held in jail without trial for 9 days. .
He is currently being held in jail again without trial, after being arrested.
His crimes? ‘Allegations‘ of breaches of a restraining order
I was arrested and denied bail for 2 months until my case was heard for breaching a restraining order-postal breaches of a restraining order
The ‘specially selected’ known corrupt magistrate, Phil Rodda, gave me 8 months jail for my heinous crime. (4 months suspended.)
When fathers denied their children ,driven beyond human endurance , instead of shooting themselves , start shooting politicians , then and only then will there be a massive change in attitude re the absurdity and injustice of Australian family law, in particular the use and abuse of restraining orders, which currently are used to evict a father out of his home and his children’s lives.
This letter has been sent to Victorian and Federal politicians , the media and others, and is being circulated world wide on the internet.
Ian Kay Activist for children not to be denied their father’s love and protection . 26-3-09 

dad4justice spent many months in prison for sending things like Christmas Cards and birthday presents to his abducted and alienated daughters. New Zealand politicians are part of Hitler's arsehole!

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