Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stuff - No dating,thanks, just sex

 As a good kiwi father role model for my teenage daughter and many of her beautiful friends I am appalled at the reported promiscuity from this generation.Females feature in domestic violence and murder statistics, however female assault male charge cannot be found in the Crimes Act? You try and tell police that you were assaulted or raped by women and the cops will laugh in your face. Gender bias pigs. What the hell has happened to kiwi society? The moral fibre of this once proud Nation is non existent. We have the highest child abuse figures in the world and a silent government, now this? What a social engineering disaster this sad broken country is.Unfortunately the tragic thing is, I cannot see a new government having the mettle needed too change such a sad situation. Maori couldn't give a hoot about the sad indictment. It seems that society has put the younger generation into the to hard file.Have sex mate or get the bash.How could things change so much since my adolescent years?The sinister regime of Helen Clark has a lot to answer for!


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