Friday, March 20, 2009

Which is Sexist?: a White House Council for Men and Boys, or No Council for Men and Boys?

Which is Sexist?: a White House Council for Men and Boys, or No Council for Men and Boys?

President Obama created a White House Council for Women and Girls. Is it sexist to create a parallel one for men and boys, or sexist to not create one?

Dr. Warren Farrell [ http://warrenfarrel ], a former Board member of the National Organization for Women in New York City, the author of seven books on men and women, and currently at work on The Boy Crisis, predicts "the boy crisis will be to the end of the next decade what the financial crisis is to the end of this decade." Here are a few hints as to why:

* 82% of the people losing their jobs since the recession are men.

* Of jobs ranked by the Jobs Rated Almanac as the "Worst" jobs (roofer,welder, etc.), 24 of 25 are comprised of 85-100% men.

* Boys do worse than girls on the crucial predictors of mental health and happiness: from reading and writing, to verbal and social skills; from ADHD and dropping out of high school, to drinking and drugs. When girls have problems, we blame the schools; when boys have problems, we blame the boys.

* Boys are a minority group in college, yet virtually all the single-gender academic scholarships are earmarked for girls, a remnant of the days when girls were the minority group.

* Boys are helped most by dad involvement. Yet divorced dads who don't have at least $100,000 to spend on a custody battle are highly unlikely to be able to prevent the mom from taking the children and moving away.

* In 1920, American men died only one year soon than women; today they die five years sooner.

* Men die sooner than women of 14 out of the top 15 leading causes of death, yet there are many federal offices of women's health and none of men's health.

* Boys' suicide rate increases as the male role takes hold: from equal-to-girls prior to puberty, to six times' girls by the age of 24.

For more examples and documentation, contact Dr. Warren Farrell at
warren@warrenfarrel [ mailto:warren@warrenfarrel ], or
click on www.warrenfarrell. com [ http://warrenfarrel ].

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