Monday, March 30, 2009

Cleese's recession divorce discount

 Talk about Faulty Towers at least a recession is good for a brilliant man's wallet after a major depression

One wonders why a "psychotherapist" would need any annual divorce payments at all? Twisted gender hateful Judge Dread again .We must not forget the divorce industry and the Family Court are the Holy Grail for all women. It is a sordid place where lies are welcome and can go totally unchallenged without consequences. 

Surely she is trained and capable of making her own way in the world?

If not the USA education system is failing to prepare its girls and women.

<http://www.theage. lifeandstyle/ lifematters/ cleese-gets- divorce-discount /2009/03/ 26/1237657121730 .html>

The Age (Melbourne)
27 March 2009

Cleese's recession divorce discount
By Sean Nicholls and Emily Dunn

Comedian John Cleese is breathing a sigh of relief after halving his £1.3  million ($2.7 million) annual divorce  payment to his third wife, Alyce Faye  Eichelberger, 64, an American psychotherapist to whom he was married for 15 years.

Cleese now has to pay £650,000 a year, after a US judge ruled that the original amount was excessive in the face of the recession, which had slashed the value of the actor's property portfolio.

Cleese is not alone. A host of former high earners in Britain are now seeking cut-price divorces, with former husbands returning to the courts to battle for reduced settlements and payments in line with their shrinking  earning power.

Recent prominent cases include that of Brian Myerson, a fund manager who claimed his post-divorce fortune had been wiped out, meaning he could no longer afford the £9.5 million he owed to Ingrid, his former wife.

In the original settlement Mrs Myerson received 43 per cent of her husband's assets. Myerson's 57 per cent share, however, was tied up in the shares of his investment company, which have plunged in value, and would
leave him £500,000 in the red if he complied with the divorce order.

And the advice from Mr Myerson's lawyer, Raymond Tooth, to men considering divorce? "Move on now while your star is low in the sky. You can escape with less."

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