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What would Jesus do about the Family Court, CPS,etc,??

Tom Howse gives a splendid answer ;
Ha!  That's an easy one.. and every TRULY LOVING parent likely knows the answer..
Well, anyway, I can tell you *exactly* what He would do about the terrible and daily manifestations of corruption and destruction committed against parents and children within your typical nearby Family Court or similar Gov't process -
What would He DO about Family Court, CPS, and etc.?  Simple!  He would:
- *quickly* make a weapon out of cords and march directly, without any hesitation, right into that thick den of thieves, immediately flip over their tables of dishonesty, boldly call them out by name, fact, and truth, and then also send them fleeing away into the streets, as the rotten vipers that they truly are!  Remember: Matt 21:12 Mark 11:15 John 2:15 etc.
Yea, well, that's what JESUS would be doing today...  but, the *real* question is:  What are YOU doing about it???
I mean, really.. What have you made the *most* important goal and interest in your life?  What is it, really, that you spend the majority of all your free time doing and pursuing?  Is it in regaining justice for your relationship( s) with your child(ren), and/or, helping the affected one you love in doing the same, and likewise for other children and families out there?
OR, has the constant victimization taken its heavy toll upon you, wearing you out, attempting to make you lose heart, and trying to eventually just convince you to walk away from it all, little by little?  Do you now spend your time playing video games, drinking, drugging, vacationing, going out on the town, watching TV, hanging out, and/or anything else, instead of fighting for your children.. *most* of the time??  Now, come on - WHICH one really is the most important thing to you, your life, your future, and your legacy?  What do you spend most of your spare time on?  Hmmm?  It's ok.. you can self-reflect and just privately tell yourself.. nobody is watching right now.. 
The Bible explains: "Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says."  James 1:22
If you profess yourself as any kind of Christian person, at all, with any level of spiritual knowledge, from even a basic beginner onward, then you already know to be a Christian man or woman, that
-- it means remembering you ARE the head, and not the tail.  Deut 28:13  Isaiah 9:15  etc.
-- it means remembering you are NOT to spread lies and/or gossip.  Exod 23:1  Prov 6:16-19  etc.
-- it means remembering you ARE to expose the evil deeds of darkness.  Eph 5:11  Numbers 25:4  etc.
-- it means remembering you ARE to witness the truth of things to the world.  Acts 1:8  Matt 28:19-20  etc.
Yes, so, if you call yourself a Christian, you are *not* to be merely a couch potato, but you are to speak out against injustice, and do it actively, precisely because it is wrong and harms people falsely..  You are supposed to do something about it, just like Jesus did, when He saw such *large amounts* of filth and corruption *harming* the people.
But, what does that mean, in our struggling quest to reform government practices of victimization upon the family unit - upon fathers, upon mothers, and even upon the children, themselves?  Sure, you might be one of the many people who are managing clusters of related activists, one of whom are developing legislation drafts, of who are creating flyers and videos and graphics and news items to pass around the airwaves, of who are crunching data to expose unlawful practices, of who are lobbying their representatives, of who are hosting useful talk shows, of who are doing any of a variety of things to help..
It all MEANS that, as an essential part of the Great Commandment directed at the end of Matthew, you ARE to speak out against these lies, and you ARE to righteously speak up for restoral of truth and justice, even unto the ends of the earth.. i.e., you are to engage in action and communications with others, and make change happen, by spreading the truth.
But, you/we *must* do it together, as groups and chains connected, not by trying to do it all alone..  You MUST trust and share with others in mutual help, regardless of how many times you have been "burned" in life.  While you may be one of the very rare few who scored an individual victory against the government in your own little neck of the woods, you cannot ever possibly hope to win, all by yourself, or even with the full-time help of a mere couple/few dozen people standing at your side, when you are literally trying to break down the injustice done by the sheer scope, power, influence, control, might and manpower of the largest organization upon the entire planet, the United States Federal Government.
Remember, the core problem IS the Federal Government being involved with Family, in the first place, where it has no Constitutional authority, nor common sense basis, with which to be messing around in the daily affairs of..  In the United States, since the very beginning, Family Law was always properly and solely a "state law matter", and for good reasons.
You can rest assured, remembering that before the Federal Government started its own direct involvement in The Family, beginning in the mid-1970s (just after the wave of "No-Fault" divorce laws were passed by the many States), that in America, it had been generally common and long-standing knowledge that:  divorce was rare, most children always grew up with both of their parents and knew them for life, and reports of children being abused and neglected by the hands of their own immediate family were practically unheard of... and the wealth and assets of the average family remained and grew within the family, families generally stayed together for life, and people were generally happier, more or less.
Yes, you can rest assured that your State's local judge would NOT have issued custody and other flawed orders upon the lives of you and your children, and would -not- spend its -own- time and manpower endlessly harassing you and others like you, if it were not for the very lucrative federal taxdollars (*our* money..) that the States are so hungry for.. dependent on..
In other words, confirming that the duo-danger of accepting Federal "carrot" funding, plus its automatic tag-along Federal "stick" conformity of implementing and using certain kinds of family policies, laws, rules, regulations, procedures, and actions, is the root of the problem. Once again, money is exposed as the root of evil, as it always has been.
Many activists concentrate in groups at the state or local level.  Many activists concentrate on one or more certain topics or specialties, like family court, cps, support, moveaways, alienation, false allegations, and etc., etc.  Many activists concentrate within a wide variety of research and development stuff, like pro se legal, making graphics and video, blogging, drafting legislative type language, building rallies, crunching data for exposing patterns, and still many more action items.
However, while the single common hope and desire and dream, of EACH and EVERY ONE of these myriad of many activism efforts is to recruit more people into awareness, leading to more support.. and eventually therefore, to cause the actual desired changes and reform done and accomplished. . *very few* organized sets of activism leadership out there ever seem to bother considering geographic coverage in their early planning, but geo-coverage is CRITICAL, if you are actually serious about recruiting, joining, and organizing large and vast numbers of people into an action network..
These are the reasons why the United Civil Rights Councils of America has been built over the past five (5) years -- to blend the cream of the crop of visionary leaders, from all across the USA, also as naturally representing the entire spectrum of reform activism efforts, to simply plug their *geographical* position/role into the UCRCoA "subway system", and to therefore reap the huge benefits of already having established "baskets" for collecting people by county and state, anywhere and everywhere they may be and already are out there.  The centralized UCRCoA network is all tied together on the main website, http://unitedcivilr ights.org, where any average Joe Q. Public and Mary T. Citizen out there -- ANYWHERE in the USA -- can *immediately* click through to find and connect to listed family rights reform leaders, in their OWN State, and especially in their own County or Counties.  Some 3140 individual Yahoo! Groups, one for each and every single County (Alaska = "Borough", Louisiana = "Parish") and Independent City out there, everywhere across the entire USA, plus an even stronger Yahoo! Group dedicated for each one of the 50 States, plus a few dozen assorted other task force type, dedicated Yahoo! Groups, are all tied together and found, along with the actual listed leaders, themselves, on the main website, http://unitedcivilr ights.org
All told, there are over 100 different family rights reform organizations, represented by some 230-240 *listed* State Directors sharing leadership of the 50 different States (some also dual as higher Regional and National positions), while another 400+ *listed* activists have combined with all those other leaders, to together cover roughly 1000 of the USA's 3140 counties, including over several hundred of the most populated (most important) counties in the Nation..  Also, there are some 12k-14k couch potatoes out there, scattered across the county groups, and often, there are already 5s, 10s, 15s, and 25s of people - now - in the groups for the more populated counties.. i.e., there is, like, 100-200 new people just waiting to be led, in almost every State... That's the connect-up job of all listed UCRCoA State Directors.
UCRCoA's main premise is that government has "run amok" upon each and every member of The Family, by victimizing dads, victimizing moms, victimizing children, and other close family members, by daily ignoring and trampling of the very same basic due process and inalienable rights that this once-great Nation was originally founded upon, in the first place.
Every listed UCRCoA leader is supposed to be up to speed on the fact that government WANTS the two genders to fight amongst themselves, which keeps the people confused and preoccupied, while government continues the same ol' thing.  The *best* rights and protections of each Dad, of each Mom, and of each Child, come inherently from the built-in rights and protections of the entire Family Unit.  UCRCoA is blended for coverage of the different "sub-topics" of victimization, and networked for coverage of geography.  Each listed UCRCoA leader, anywhere and everywhere, should always stand ready to direct ANY member of the general public, towards one or more examples of activists fighting for a given sub-topic, and should NEVER involve any form of gender discrimination within his or her contacts and communications.
Note: by covering the 952 most populated USA counties with an active, listed team leader, we leverage 6/7ths of the entire American population.  The other 2000+ counties out there are pretty sparsely populated in comparision, but we will certainly also include, use, and empower the people gathered on those local county groups, as well.  However, the primary goal remains to finish saturating a coverage network of leadership, with at least those 952 very important counties covered by an active, listed local team leader.  At that point, we can effectively launch and do just about anything we need/want to.
WHY organize as a national blended network, interconnected with states and counties all down the line?  Again, because the core problem IS the entire country, i.e., at the Federal level, and fighting that beast necessarily means fighting all of its arms and legs and fingers and toes, at the same time..  Such a network naturally provides interaction with vast numbers of the public, everywhere, i.e., naturally provides a huge command and control structure, resulting in massive numbers of people following through on simple action requests, and providing measurable successes "on the street", so to speak.
TIRED of waiting on other organizations to finally build a huge army, so we can actually HAVE our justice, and be all DONE with this ridiculous nonsense?  Why not just volunteer as a state and/or county listed leader within UCRCoA, and join the other visionary activists who are ready to work together, now, for the common goals and good:
United Civil Rights Councils of America
"Gender neutral. Child positive. Constitution mandatory."
Don't JUST be involved, as a member..
BE a listed leader, actively involved for success!

Sincerest Regards,
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Mr. Torm L. Howse
Co-Founder, National Board Director, Instructor,
United Civil Rights Councils of America
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