Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do New Zealanders know tax dollars are paying for CYFS care givers to rape young girls?

Man there just isn’t enough hours in the day to address my overwhelming work load at present. John Key may be prime minister but the fractured family business is still destroying children, just look at child abuse statistics and the increase in CYFS notifications. The Family Court and CYFS are tragically for children just ideology driven feminist machines that mass produce conflict areas which seriously impact on the children.Greedy lawyers leech blood money from the adversarial litigation. Just visit a prison and ask how many former CYFS kids are in the cells. Build more prisons you brain dead government.

I am helping a 54 year old grand mother who has been fighting for access rights to her CYFS stolen grand son since the year 2001. The confused and troublesome boy has been in 32 different foster homes. He is 12 years old and feels unloved. CYFS do not tell him his grandmother exists!! Police requested DNA from him last week. The social workers involved in this case should be sent to prison. I will expand on this story at a later day. You bitches are going to jail.

I am helping a 22 two year old mother try and get her twin boys back from the dysfunctional and dangerous CYFS. This department is a collection of vicious Ruth Dyson type radical feminazi sluts. These ugly heartless bush pigs hate biological parents. This young mother was a CYFS kid, she had 97 different foster homes, only two of them showed her kindness, and she was sexually abused by CYFS approved care givers at least a dozen times as a child. Well done CYFS your behaviour is far worse than the Nazi’s.

I am also helping a CYFS kid, a girl the same age as my daughter, sweet 16. This young mother gave her first child up for adoption a year ago and she is desperate to keep her second child. CYFS have brought in the feminazi lawyers and stolen her daughter. I will battle the vengeful and vindictive CYFS lying whores at the Courthouse. What a disgrace, CYFS must be destroyed as it is in violation of basic human rights and values.

Must go and ask a Family Court judge a queston, that is;

Do New Zealanders know tax dollars are paying for CYFS care givers to rape young girls?

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