Friday, May 15, 2009

New-family- court-rules- to-improve- openness - Yeah Right pull the other one

They said the same thing five years ago in a Law Commission Report titled Dispute Resolution in the Family Court (report 82). I submitted a 6000 word document and not one of the recommendations has been used by the Family Court, which is, just a gravy train for feminist loser lawyers who often help the children clients in Youth Court once they have graduated through the insidious muck of the civil Family Court of lies. The sick system creates troublesome children because the court appointed Chldren's lawyer hates fathers. The media don't have the spine to challenge judges, so nothing will change. As Family Court statistics increase more kiwi kids look set to be stuffed up by the dirty low down tactics of lying lawyers and twisted psychologists in a sinister court. Nothing will change in the bias Court of hate!Justice does NOT exist in the Family Court. Just look at male suicide rates.

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New-family- court-rules- to-improve- openness

New rules, including more powers for registrars and increased media access, will be introduced to the Family Court on Monday.

The rules, contained in the Family Courts Matters Act, would increase the openness of the court and help the public understand how it operated, Courts Minister Georgina te Heuheu said.

News media would now be able to attend hearings and publish proceedings, but not information identifying children or vulnerable people without leave of the judge, while support people and others would be able to attend with a judge's permission.

Mrs te Heuheu said other minor process and procedural changes were designed to improve the operation of the court.

Registrars would be able to appoint lawyers and report writers with a judge's direction, issue summonses under the Domestic Violence Act and direct the serving of applications under the Family Protection Act.

The changes taking effect on Monday are the first stage of the Family Courts Matters legislation, with changes to counselling for couples and parents , and the introduction of counselling for children and family mediation to take effect in the future.

Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier said the new Act "dramatically opened up the Family Court even further to appropriate public scrutiny".

The court was sometimes viewed as a "secret" court, he said, and along with greater openness the Act would increase the professionalism and quality of service of the court.

"There has been the need to balance openness and the public's right to know with reasonable preservation of privacy, particularly for those who require the court's protection because of their vulnerability, " Judge Boshier said.

"I believe the balance arrived at is the correct one for our times."


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