Friday, May 22, 2009

Letourneau hosts 'Hot for Teacher' night at bar

Just imagine what the law authorities would do if this teacher was a male hosting such an event. Equality under the law is a delusion for men and totally unachievable in a sick feminist indoctrinated Western society. I thank the Canadian Activist Swannie for alerting the MRM to the spot on comments from the US activist Tami P;

"The U.S. Allows pedophile women to marry their victims (and) have access to their children after being convicted twice and allows them to publicly advertise for and seek out other pedophiles. We all hear about nambla but no-one hears of butterfly groups of female pedophile(s) in the underground.”

Letourneau hosts 'Hot for Teacher' night at bar

22nd May 2009
(4 hours ago)

SEATTLE (AP) — A teacher who became notorious in the 1990s for having an affair with a sixth-grader is hosting a "Hot for Teacher" night at a Seattle bar — along with the former student, now her husband. Bar owner Mike Morris said Mary Kay Letourneau has served her sentence and it's OK for the couple to have some fun.

The 47-year-old Letourneau served seven years in prison after pleading guilty in 1997 to raping Vili Fualaau, now 26. They met when Fualaau was in second grade and began their affair when he was 12 and she was a 34-year-old married mother of four. They were married in 2005 and have two daughters together.

Morris said Saturday's event at Fuel Sports Eats & Beats will be their third "Hot for Teacher" night. She greets people and he DJs.

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