Saturday, May 2, 2009

The family court should be held accountable.

The happy feelings experienced by a dad after listening to his daughter’s echoes of laughter safe in a happy family unit will remain distant but satisfied thoughts locked into my memory banks. Those were the days when life was such a big buzz .I was the proud father of two beautiful young girls and twin sons. My joy made me think I was taking giant steps on the moon.

Then one day false allegations struck and a major depressive episode started. Completely unprepared for police, lawyers, judges, maximum security mental health forensic unit and prison this shafted dad was lost in a world of hopelessness. Overwhelming obstacles blocked his every path when trying to reconnect with his estranged children.A pointless plea to government fell on deaf ears.

The sadness of the sudden loss of beloved daughters was a terrible trauma and his mum died. However he was so happy after one of his daughters came to live with him after a seven year absence. Unfortunately my daughter was an extremely damaged client of the caring and civil family court. She became a party to proceedings as a 6 year old. Children quickly become file numbers and a cash cow for evil police, judges, lawyers and psychologists who successfully brainwashed her to hate dad.

But wait, the poisoning process didn’t work and the so called –‘in the best interests of the child’ brigade suddenly went very silent. Deceitful judges were astounded and shocked they had to amend a court order so my daughter could live with me. The horror in their lying faces was sickening to witness. These disgusting individuals are corrupt judges.How can they sleep at night?

But wait no family court support? Where is the support from these professional pond scum that distorted my precious daughters mind? They are nowhere to be found when my daughter goes off the rails. I want assistance, so I ring her court appointed lawyers Chris Robertson (Ashburton) and Adrienne Edwards, and court appointed psychologists Michael Davidson and John Watson, but they all hang up on me. They don’t help fathers. This is unlawful discrimination but who cares, this is New Zealand the land of gold medalist child abusers and a corrupt judiciary.

Should I go and throttle judge Boshier the crater face creep that runs the evil court? No way, because that would make more prison time and that would kill this bewildered and frustrated father, plus Boshier would just say that the welfare of my daughter is not his concern.

I ring police and ask them to put my daughter on the missing list.


Jim Bailey - JimBWarrior - HandsOnEqualParent said...

Stay Strong Peter - We have much work to do exposing the EVIL within NZ FAMILY Law and Social Policy, those that have made it and those that use it as a tool to damage if not destroy our **Whole Natural Biological FAMILIES** - Onward - Jim

Fred said...

Dear dad4justice

I feel very much for you. I am going through a similar experience. It has been 297 days since I was last allowed to speak or even see my daughters.

This is dispite a Family Court judge actually making a ruling in his decision last December that the allegations of abuse made against me by my former partner were unfounded.

I receive hate mail and razor blades in the mail urging suicide, but the police refuse to investigate and say this isn't threatening behaviour and what's my problem? They fill out a family violence report instead and don't let me see what they have written.

Meanwhile, I wait and wait for the Family Court to resolve a simple application for a parenting order made in August 2008 so I can see my children. Parental Alienation has set. Lawyer for Child becomes a second lawyer for the mother.

We just go around in circles as the Family Court fiddles while families burn. I spend in excess of $40,000 and have nothing to show for it except for a defeated application for a protection order and a year's wait for the parenting order to be heard. Five lawyers are now involved. CYFS just cloud the waters and and talk about the need for care and protection but don't have the guts to actually say against whom for fear of being un-PC.

I don't blame you for being bitter and I commend you for your devotion to your cause.

Kia Kaha

Dixie - Auckland

peterquixote said...

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