Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tim Harford takes apart a rogue statistic on domestic violence


Other parties have also been included in the BCC file including Church organisations and media reps.


Enclosed with this email is an attachment of an MP3. file. It is a segment of a BBC program that investigates the veracity of statistics, in this case, domestic violence statistics. I would urge ALL MRA's that have web sites to post this segment on their sites. I would urge all others to pass this segment (or a link to it) to their representatives in government, to newspaper and other electronic news media as quickly as possible. Also, please check with other organisations that are working with, have an affiliation to or are otherwise connected with Men's groups, however loosely, to see if they have heard this important information. If we are to pull down the feminist lies, we must have the truth. This is one such bullet in our gun.

In anyone has trouble receiving or opening the attachment please contact me and other arrangements will be made to get it too you.

Details below:

More or Less - Fri, 15 May 2009
Tim Harford takes apart a rogue statistic on domestic violence which has been circulating since the 1990s, questions news reports which suggest that the recession is hitting white collar workers hardest and reveals a new mathematical riddle - the Kate Bush conjecture.
An Open University co production for BBC Radio 4. Broadcast on:BBC Radio 4, 8:00pm Sunday 17th May 2009 Duration: 30 minutes Available until: 12:00am Thursday 1st January 2099 Category:Factual

PLEASE NOTE: Here is a link to the BBC program in full. This link will not last long as the programs are taken of the player after one week or so. That is why I have recorded the relevant segment. Also, you may not be able to use the link from countries outside of Great Britain. I am not sure.

With grateful thanks to Anne Harris of SNAP and to Mark Brooks who brought this program to my attention.

George Rolph

Repentance is the destruction of false love (that love of sin) so that true Love (that Love for God) may be born.

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