Friday, July 17, 2009

Ben Easton highlights unlawful gender discrimination by BNZ on radio

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On next week's program (10.30 am Tuesday 21st July 2009), we will be featuring an interview with New Zealand's Mr Benjamin Easton, who has recently challenged the Bank of New Zealand in court, regarding the Bank's advertising campaign, which supports the prevailing hysterical propaganda in the context of Domestic Violence.

There is growing community concern, because this campaign appears to be based on misinformation designed to stereotype only Men as abusers and only Women and Children as victims.

Please consider the following links to more reliable information on relevant statistics.

Furthermore, according to the 2007 Child Maltreatment Report of the US Department of Health and Human Services: Victim data were analyzed by relationship to their perpetrators. Nearly 39 percent (38.7%) of victims were maltreated by their mother acting alone (figure 3–6). Nearly 18 percent (17.9%) of victims were maltreated by their father acting alone. Nearly 17 percent (16.8%) were maltreated by both parents.19

Bank of new Zealand customers are not only Women, in fact a large part of your customer base is made up of Men. Many of these men are alarmed at the Bank's willingness to promote so many of their customers as abusive, violent thugs.

Accordingly and in fairness to the Bank's customers, we would like to invite a spokesperson from the Bank of New Zealand to take part in next week's program, in order to explain the Bank's position on this all important issue.

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