Thursday, July 30, 2009

F4J asks - is the legal industry serving the community or just itself?

* Is the legal industry serving the community or just itself?

Has the public had enough of a harmful and a failing legal system? YES!

Are families and parents sick and tired of being treated like criminals and having their assets and finances looted by the legal system for little or no reason at all? YES!

Is the public tired of dishonest members of the legal system who line their pockets at the expense of families and hard working citizens of Australia? YES!

Is it time to overhaul the legal industry to properly safeguard the public from the constant abuse perpetrated by various members and processes of the legal system? YES!

In fact, is it not time the legal system grew up, attained a higher level of maturity and a more positive vision for humanity overall? YES!

Is this a system that an aware and awake public is not happy with, and wish to have it discontinued in it's current form? YES!

Are the rights of Australian citizens who have done no wrong, being taken away and ignored on a daily basis, with Australians getting sick and tired of this deplorable tyranny? YES!

The answer to all the above questions is YES!

However, the reality is nothing will ever be done about it. Why?

Simply, because the legal system has a huge financial interest in their system reaching into people's lives, stealing their money, their livelihood and often a person's life.

It's suspected that many good and naive people who work in the legal system have no idea of this or are too fearful to speak up and blow the whistle, exposing what's going on. And what's more, there is just no safe body to complain to.

What's more the legal system is antiquated and out of touch with a brighter vision for humanity, and in many respects is just plain broken and irreparable.

What truly defines a criminal and what proportion of the legal industry are in fact criminals, committing crimes on a daily basis?

The fact is that the public has little faith in the legal industry, with many people regarding it as a mockery. The only people who promote and praise the industry, are the ones in the industry or those who get a kick back from being associated with the legal industry.

Gee, what a game. A self perpetuating industry of money, power and fun for a few, no matter what the cost to innocent people. It's usually a game that benefits the wealthy, whilst often exploiting the rest of us righteous and vulnerable citizens.

Maybe, there will never be any perfect system created by mere humans, however where is the body or organisation that oversees the legal system, it's corruption and problems with due process and complaints?

A body that is transparent and accountable to the general public, and staffed by everyday common citizens of Australia, just like our juries — what's left of them.

Guess what? There is none! No surprises there.

On the brighter side, there will come a day when there will be no need for a legal system as more and more of the public wakes up.

So to all in the industry, this is a fantastic opportunity to bail out and go do something that you love and you are passionate about. A rewarding vocation that doesn't give you ulcers and health problems, where you can sleep at night with a clear conscience, knowing that you will be creating a better world for our children, families and society.

Ah, what a day that will be...

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