Wednesday, July 29, 2009

** Girl, 12, made false rape claim **

I regularly visit a good father who was imprisoned after a 12 year girl old was coerced by her devious mother to make up false allegations of unlawful sexual connection. A jury found him not guilty of two counts of rape of a minor, but guilty of two touching offences. He is serving 4 and a half years and everybody knows he is innocent of the crime. Just goes to show how a sinister spouse can brainwash her children into making false allegations so she can jump into bed with her boss twenty years her junior. The new boy friend moves into the prisoners house and abuses his two biological children. It’s even easier for the callous mother when she makes up the alleged offending and spews the bile to a man hating militant dyke feminist detective. You have serious blood on your hands Sarah E. I wonder how many more innocent dads you put behind bars you maggot? You should be behind bars you twisted whore pig. We will get even on judgement day.

** Girl, 12, made false rape claim **
Police reprimand a 12-year-old girl who falsely accused a 15-year-old boy of raping her in a Berkshire town.

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