Friday, July 3, 2009

NZBC guidelines for misandry

Australian playwright David Williamson gives his thoughts on writing about women at the Author's Right To Speak seminar at the Sydney Writers Festival. No wonder all we ever hear about in New Zealand is misogyny but never misandry, which is the hatred or oppression of males!

A couple of thoughts from international colleagues in the Fathers Right Movement;

Robert writes;

“Freedom and liberty are not absolutes in today's world. They are subject to interpretation and secret censorship that leaves the population believing they have witnessed and are experiencing unadulterated freedom and liberty.This is not true as this pod cast from New Zealand epitomizes.You will find out how women can be defined in only a certain number of ways and definitely not in others, most interesting.

I have a great deal of sympathy with his views having been on a BBC
"internal steering committee" where scripts were altered 1 year in advance to get across the message of a planned campaign against men.

This is something that should belong to the Fascist and Soviet era but, no, it is alive and well in 2009. If anything, it reinforces the proposition that a Commissariat is at work in most countries benevolently 'guiding' how we think and what we think.”

Tom writes;

“Worth a listen to re the example of the NZBC guidelines for writing about women and the deliberate feminist agenda (propaganda) behind that push to manipulate NZ citizens."
David Williamson on writing about women


Download MP3 (3.5MB, 7:45 minutes)

Who is David Williamson?:

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