Thursday, July 2, 2009

PAS is a great get rich scheme for family court filth

Unfortunately the insidious Parental Alienation Syndrome, promoted by the family court system, is not a recognized disorder by scientific and medical communities because it lacks validity and reliability. However, in the real world greedy unscrupulous lawyers and psychologists ride the gravy train so they can leech as much blood money from a family court file. They enjoy a court where false allegations are the norm.They delight in adversarial tactics for effect. They can meander a case on for years (mine started in 2001 and I want clossure). They don’t care about the damage to the alienated father, the paternal side of the family(RIP Mum) and the sad estranged children.

PAS “deprogramming” techniques divide relationships rather than unite, but then again that’s what the dirty low life family court is all about. A sick, sad joke. Many falsely accused fathers simply leave the country or commit suicide rather than face the overwhelming obstacles put in place by the feminist orchestrated court of hatred.

Sadly 87,000 cases passed through the scumbag family court last year. Great stuff a real growth industry for lying lawyers and twisted pus laden psychologists. Lies are again the winner on the day. PAS will enable the devious lying professionals to buy a new Beamer. You filth make my stomach turn, you mongrels, judgment is coming soon.

What a sick country that allows a court to create so much misery so professionals can get wealthy. No wonder we lead the world in child abuse.

The family court of New Zealand is a vipers den of evil.

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amanwhocares said...

Wow! Yes the things you mention are ingredients and are part of the disease. More should be discussed about them! Lawyers typically sit back and do nothing until somebody 'pops', reacts then they rush in and pack and walk. That was the case in my experience. Its legalized torture.

The professionals are not even required to have much if any psychological understandings about dysfunctional behaviors.

I came to believe in my case that most of the lawyers and the judge were more like the evil, abusive mother of my daughter than anybody else.

Thanks for writing on this!

As always I recommend people read When Society Becomes An Addict, Anne Wilson Schaef, Harper and Row, 1986. It will open your eyes big time!
Robert Gartner