Friday, April 23, 2010

ANZAC Day and the cultural war

Our Battle

ANZAC Day commemorates the sacrifices of New Zealanders and Australians in war. Last year we looked at the role ANZACs played in defeating the Turks and Germans in the Holy Land in “The Road to Jerusalem”

Today there is a rapid shift in our culture which is often moving people away from God. For example, technology makes access to porn easier than it has ever been before. Also, children can be more affected by “group think” and bullying because their peers are so networked. Sgt Malarkey from the “Band of Brothers” mini series wrote about the situation in the USA in 2004 that, “We are engaged in cultural war for the soul of this nation”.

It is important to understand the times we are living in and what our role is. How can we help others on their spiritual journey so that their destination is being with God?

“The Pacific” is now screening. The rather gratuitous use of bad language detracts from a fast-paced series that shows just how vast the Pacific war was.

The mini series “Band of Brothers” has had a big impact previously. Sgt Don Malarkey was a key source for the series. He was also a close friend of Fritz Niland, and Don’s recollection of the saga of the four Niland brothers was the basis for the “Saving Private Ryan” film.

During a visit to Focus on the Family headquarters in Colorado Springs, I saw this letter and medal. Don Malarkey is still alive and is a committed Christian. His comparison of his WWII experience with what we are facing today is insightful. This is the letter:

Sgt Don Malarkey, 1 April 2004
Dear Mr Dobson                                                            
In the early hours of June 6, 1944, I parachuted into occupied France along with the 101st Airborne. As the battle against Fascism raged we were not sure what the eventual outcome would be. On numerous occasions we were surrounded and outnumbered. At Bastogne we nearly ran out of ammunition and other critical supplies, but we held out and defeated the enemy, freeing Europe for a rebirth of liberty.

We are engaged in cultural war for the soul of this nation. Focus on the Family is in the frontlines of the alliance fighting for the preservation of the family. Sometimes we feel surrounded, outnumbered, and nearly out of ammo – but take courage. Rally the troops and inspire our hearts. We know who wins this divine conflict.

On behalf of Stronger Families for Oregon I give you this World War II Victory medal as a symbol of the eventual victory we shall attain.


Tech Sgt. “Easy” Company
506th Parachute Infantry, 101 Airborne
One of the “Band of Brothers” 
  Letter and Medal at Focus on the Family                                 Don Malarkey

Today Focus on the Family NZ continues the battle right here in New Zealand. Promise Keepers is working with Focus on the Family to promote Dr Allan Meyers "Valiant Man" course to help men understand manhood and prepare them for healthy sexuality.

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