Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two Years Today Since Andrew's Abduction & Disappearance

By Andrew´s Daddy
Ken Thompson
24 April, 2010

Two Years Today Since Andrew's Abduction & Disappearance




Today has been a very difficult day emotionally. It marks two years since Andrew's abduction & disappearance.

Andrew is now approaching his sixth birthday (19th August). I haven't seen him or heard anything about him since he was three. Perhaps there are people who have heard something (such as Melinda's family or perhaps someone in a womens group) but for some reason they will not let me know about his welfare.

I have no idea where Andrew is & I have no idea whether or not he or his mother (Melinda) are still alive.

Like all little kids, Andrew wants to be with both his parents. He wants to be with his dad & learn from him, just like kids do all over the world.

Melinda knows I would never harm Andrew. She must remember the lengths I went to to make sure any insect or bug that came into our home was treated humanely. Why would someone who cares so much for any form of life intentionally harm his own child? Melinda knows this is true.

I am lighting a candle to commemorate Andrew's abduction & disappearance tonight & I will be saying a little prayer for him. I'd like others to do the same.

I would like to thank all the people from countries all over the world who have joined the Global Search for Andrew campaign.

Andrew will be found & he will be reunited with his dad & the rest of his family. The longer this takes, the more difficult it will be for Andrew.

I will not give up.

I also want to help Melinda. She must know by now that she has made a terrible mistake. All she needs to do is contact someone & this whole thing can be sorted out.

Media Release
Dec 20, 2008

Andrew THOMPSON Missing Child - Global Search

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