Monday, April 5, 2010

Who will protect innocent from bad protection orders?

No one could argue that women do need protection from dangerous men who would do them harm. But who is going to protect those men who are unjustly accused?Too many times we hear stories of women claiming to be afraid, and if they’re convincing enough they will be identified as victims and “protected.” In cases where there is no real evidence of abuse, more scrutiny should be given to these claims. Professional counselors can get to the bottom of these things quickly, and much more accurately, than the court system.
They can easily identify parental alienation syndrome, where one parent manipulates the children against the other one.
Everyone seems to agree that there are evil people in every aspect of society. Well, guess what? They know how to use the family court system, too. And those protection orders are used by judges to help decide on custody issues, so this is not without consequence for the accused.
Let’s just make sure we’re doing the right thing on both sides of this issue, so that kids are not denied access to good dads because their moms have decided to move on with their lives.
Bill Robeson, Newark

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