Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vote Kelsi please

 This delightful young lady deserves the chance of a life time so if you got time can you please vote for her.

Kelsi here (Sharron’s daughter)
I don’t know if you know but I am in with a one in five shot to go to South Africa for the Football world cup!
It is an AMAZING opportunity, if I win I get to go to South Africa, be a flag bearer for the NZ vs Italy game and get a mean prize package.

But I need your help, it is a competition, I have got myself this far but it is now held on votes.
And vote for me!!! (Kelsi Henderson)…even encourage your friends as well?

I also have a video posted on the page so feel free to watch (:

This is a truly amazing, once in a life time opportunity, so I just hope that you all will jump on and place a vote, it will only take up 1minute of your time.
p.s. Mum gets to come with me if we win so she’ll be stoked if you vote!
Thank you

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