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0 – Number of district attorneys in the United States who routinely prosecute false allegations of domestic violence.

25 – Estimated percentage of divorces in which an allegation of domestic violence is made .

32 – Number of states with civil definitions of domestic “violence” that include being afraid, fearful, apprehensive, or experiencing emotional distress .

48 – Number of states in which judges awarding child custody are required to consider allegations or findings of domestic violence .

50 – Percentage of restraining orders in which physical assault is not even alleged, according to an authoritative Massachusetts study.

70 – Percentage of restraining orders that are trivial or false .

85 – Percentage of all restraining orders that are issued against men (the remaining 15% are against women).

2000 – Estimated number of taxpayer dollars spent for the issuing, servicing, and adjudicating of one restraining order.

2005 – The year in which a restraining order was served on TV personality David Letterman for allegedly beaming televised code words and seductive eye gestures at Colleen Nestler, a woman whom Letterman had never met.

700,000 – Number of persons wrongfully arrested for domestic violence each year .

1.5 million – Number of temporary restraining orders issued each year in the United States that are trivial or false .

20 billion – Number of dollars that taxpayers spend each year for welfare and public benefit services arising from false allegations of domestic violence that force children into single-parent households .

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