Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shock look at NZ's child poverty

Welcome to New Zealand, rugby world cup champions and where kids die from poverty and no one cares. What a sad indictment for such a tiny so called Western Nation. Yeah right, the appalling child abuse statistics and feminized - thuggery tactics from CYF and Family Court scum and we have another recipe for disaster! Meanwhile the gangster politicians just bury their sordid heads in the bureaucratic sand and celebrate another meaningless election.They don't care about kiwi children. They should be hung for treason against kiwi children. God will revenge these creepy callous mongrel dogs. Are all kiwi politicians like the former cold blooded reptilian  PM Hellen Klark?

Poor kiwi kids deserve better from government. John Key is a disgrace to all kiwi kids!

What kind of crackpot could say they're proud to be a New Zealander?

SHAME ON YOU NEW ZEALAND. Vote for a kiwi kid - stay away election day.

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