Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shocking footage Sealord doesn't want you to see

Hi Peter, 
Today we've released some shocking footage leaked to us by a NZ
helicopter pilot turned whistleblower who flew aerial
reconnaissance for tuna boats in the Pacific.
To protect him we have obscured his identity:
He told us that he witnessed scenes like these on an almost daily
basis. He recalls the day when a pilot whale was dragged onboard
as one of the worst.
The footage shows the needless and gruesome killing of sea
creatures hauled aboard by industrial tuna fishers in the Pacific
Ocean, using the notorious purse seine and fish aggregation device
combo that many tuna brands are now rejecting.
This is the same destructive fishing method still used by the
fishing fleets that supply Sealord, New Zealand's biggest canned
tuna brand.
This footage is not for the faint hearted - but it needs to be
seen and we need to share it with as many people as possible.
Once people have seen something like this they can't fail to act.
Watch the video if you can stand it, and share it with your
circle of contacts:
Nick and the crew at Greenpeace

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