Thursday, November 10, 2011

Woman attacked ex partner after CYF complaint.

I was the unfortunate father on the receiving end of malicious false allegations of sexual child abuse. I can assure you that a untruthful CYF complaint made by a vengeful and vindictive maternal family resulted in the darkest period that I have ever experienced. It destroyed my family. I lost all contact with my two young daughters. Nothing happened about the hundreds of pages of false testimony as police had the dagger in deep and the corrupt court ran with the lies. The rest is history! Sad stuff but who cares? Just imagine if I had attacked my partners lying family for making a FALSE COMPLAINT to CYF? How many years would I have got judge Strettell? How these gender bias creeps can sleep at night is beyond my imagination.

Our gender bias justice system handed her a slap on the hand. What an idiot feminist controlled judge. If a bloke did this he would be behind bars this weekend. What a sick system we have. No wonder kiwi kids are leaving our shores in record numbers. Our country is a disgrace.

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Andrei said...

A fruitful relationship between a man and a woman is a God given thing.

Those that detest that have done much damage to this type of relationship over the years and much human unhappiness and despair is the result