Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kiwi teens' death rate second highest in Western World.

Kiwi teens' death rate second highest in Western World.

Though statistics published this week show youth suicides in New Zealand had dropped by more than a third since 1995, the country still had the highest male suicide rate among 27 countries analysed

To me this sad statistic is appalling in the so called land of milk and honey. The continual demonization of the male species through successive gender bias governments has greatly affected the self esteem of our young lads. The media don't help matters as they continue to portray men as bumbling idiots through  gender bias advertising that saturates our TV screens. Boys at school are trained to suppress their feelings unless they're homosexuals with a victim mentality.. Kiwi society couldn't careless about the overwhelming struggles young heterosexual males face, because they're far too interested in saving a beached whale or a native snail species. Nobody cares about the young dudes who are on the killing fields of life in New Zealand. How could this country get so bad for our youth? Anybody that says they're proud to be a kiwi is a fool. This country is a social disaster but the kiwi attitude is she'll be right, so we can expect more young boys to slaughter themselves. Kiwi authorities have put this issue and the disgraceful child abuse statistics in the far too hard basket.

God, please help us save our young men.

 Being a teenager in New Zealand is more dangerous than in most other developed countries, a new study has shown. ... Read More

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