Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More lies as kids are slaughtered by pigs.

This country is a very unsafe environment for children. We have a callous government that allows child abuse to run rampant and they  have the cheek to say paid parental leave is not affordable as a country. The politicians that make these sad and unstable decisions should be hung from the beehive for crimes against vulnerable kiwi children. I am astounded and appalled at the huge number of abortions this country allows and reading child abuse stats makes me cry. Murderous pigs who kill a living child in the womb should also be whipped then hung. These women are like our bent and twisted politicians, it's all about them, nothing else matters! Kids don't matter to egotistical politicians who only care about reelection'. Kiwi women kill, shag, kill,shag, kill,shag at will...
God help this seriously evil land of twisted liars.How could things get so bad in this country??
Poor kids.Something must be done to fix this land!

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, April 10, 2012 ( - A total of 877 women were admitted to hospital in New Zealand between 2009 and 2011 for treatment of post-abortion complications, reveal government documents obtained by Right to Life New Zealand. The total number of bed-days for the women involved totalled 1047.
There were a total of 52,120 abortions reported to the Abortion Supervisory Committee in 2009 to 2011. The hospital admittance rate for women being treated for complications arising from abortions was 1.68 percent. But this important information is not included in the Committee’s annual report to Parliament.
Right to Life NZ recently obtained the information from the Ministry of Health under the Official Information Act. Information on the nature and severity of the complications is not available. According to the pro-life group, these important statistics reveal that abortions not only kill an unborn child but can result in damage to a woman’s health.
“Why was it necessary to utilise the Official Information Act to obtain important information concerning the health of women that should be freely available in the public domain?” asks the pro-life group.
Abortionists are required to report to the Committee any complications that result from abortions prior to the woman being discharged. It is noted that a number of the 877 women admitted for treatment for complications would have been admitted to hospital immediately following the abortion, however their hospitalisation is not required to be advised to the Committee. The remainder of the women would have been discharged from the abortion facility after their abortion and then subsequently readmitted to hospital.
In 2010, Right to Life obtained from the Committee under the Official Information Act, statistics of complications reported by abortionists to the Committee in 2010.The information revealed that there were a total of 73 complications reported in the performance of 17,550 abortions; a complication rate of 0.42 percent. These statistics are collated by Statistics New Zealand on behalf of the Committee. The Abortion Supervisory Committee does not include these statistics in its annual report to Parliament on the grounds that the incidence of complication is so small and not worthy of report.
Right to Life believes that there is considerable under reporting of complications by abortionists that give women a false impression that abortion is a safe procedure. The Committee also excludes from its annual report to Parliament any statistical information on the number of women who are admitted to hospital for the treatment of a complication arising from abortion. The Committee has for many years congratulated abortionists for their skill in providing the women of New Zealand with “safe” abortions.
There are many complications both physical and psychological that damage a woman’s health. Right to Life sought information under the Official information Act from the Ministry of Health on the number of women who were admitted to hospital for psychiatric treatment following an abortion. But they were advised that this information is not recorded.
A study of the medical records of 56,741 California Medicaid patients revealed that women who had abortions were 160 per cent more likely than women delivering a baby to be hospitalised for psychiatric treatment in the first 90 days following abortion or delivery. Rates of psychiatric treatment remained significantly higher for at least four years. A five year retrospective study in two Canadian provinces found that 25 per cent of women who had had abortions made visits to psychiatrists and were more likely than others to require admission to a psychiatric hospital.
The Committee has a statutory duty under the Contraception Sterilisation and Abortion Act to provide an annual report to Parliament. Section 14 states that the Committee has a duty “to monitor, analyse, collate, and disseminate information relating to the performance of abortions in New Zealand.”
“Why is information about the number of women admitted to Hospital for the treatment of complications resulting from an abortion not included in the Committee’s annual report to Parliament?” asks Right to Life NZ. “How does the Committee reconcile a complication rate of 0.42 per cent with a hospital admittance rate of 1.68 per cent? (which is four times higher!)”
“What action is the Committee taking to ensure that all complications resulting from an abortion prior to the discharge of the woman are notified to the Committee? Why does the Ministry of Health not record the admittance of women to a psychiatric hospital for treatment as a result of having an abortion?”

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