Sunday, April 22, 2012

UK - The Rise of the DIY divorce.

It is sad that family separations involving children always cause heartbreak for the vulnerable children who often cannot comprehend why mum and dad can't live together. Divorce is the new age trend with few couples going the distance together these days.

Lawyers must be kept out of divorce and child access issues. Lawyers are blood sucking fat pigs who thrive on meandering litigation in the gravy train Family Court. These lawyers are the lowest of the low. They are ALL lying filth, so it makes sense to sort things out without these greedy pricks.

Why pay a leech lawyer, who is nothing more than a skilled liar, whose only objective is to extract money from family misery?

Rise of the DIY divorce: Hard-up couples causing court chaos by representing themselves amid cutbacks
The recession and upcoming cuts to legal aid is putting immense pressure on family courts as litigants shun solicitors to go it alone.
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