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Over $10 Billion (Australia) spent yearly on false domestic violence and child abuse claims

Over $10 Billion (Australia) spent yearly on false domestic violence and child abuse claims

As a victim of false allegations of domestic violence  and child abuse I do wonder what the actual cost to the taxpayer was. I mean to say 10 years of hellish litigation, prison,mental wards,lawyers, cops,judges, all riding the big gravy train lie. Not to mention the replies from government ministers that could wallpaper a three bedroom home! My case would have to be in the millions. Money well spent dumb arse kiwi court system.Yeah right! RIP mum.
This is a fact (Google it)... In Australia, over $15 Billion (Australian) is spent administering domestic violence and child abuse claims. Recent reports and even statements from retired judges claim that 80% of DV and abuse claims going through the family court are false. That means over $10B a year is wasted on false accusations.

After talking to police and child services, this is what I have been told "off the record":

* it is the position of the police (at least in Queensland), NOT to prosecute women for making false statements to police, because it would "deter women who are genuinely concerned about their children";

* the police Child Protection Unit get dozens of parents in each week, accused of molesting their children. Most of the complaints are completely false;

* the Family Court takes a "cautious approach" to abuse allegations, which generally means that a parent accused is guilty until proven innocent - and believe me, its not easy proving you DIDNT molest your kids;

* the average time through Family Court is around 18mths to 2years. Generally, during this time, one parent has NO contact with their children;

* domestic violence is a key point with the Family Court Act, which is why so many people use false allegations in the Family Court. One retired judge estimated around 80% of allegations are false. One judge publically ridiculed him, just was later found to have connections to womens groups;

* every statistic you read from mens groups and womens groups is false. These groups get millions of dollars in funding just by turning parents against each other. So they make up a lot of rubbish statistics. I have seen judges talk down to lawyers just for trying to use statistics in court;

* for years, women's groups pushed the idea that women hide their bruises, keep their assaults secret etc. Their websites portrayed abused women and children, all pushing stereotypes to condition us into believing domestic violence was primarily men against women. Now, studies show than female violence against men is just as common, yet our society accepts that women can assault men. Domestic violence in same sex relationships has only just been focused on.

* no matter how badly the false allegation affect the innocent, the guilty party is almost never fined or charged;

* we have been conditioned to believe that women hide their bruises and keep their abuse quiet, so now women do not need a single bit of evidence when making an application for a DVO. If you want to defend a DVO, you can expect to pay $10,000-50,000 (which you will not get back). Thats an extra $10-50,000 for a divorce lawyer for almost no work. The women can then go into court the next week and make another application;

* the "no evidence required" attitude to domestic violence applies to women who use domestic violence as an excuse for murdering their husbands;

* Child Support and Centrelink will tell you "off the record" that DVOs are used extensively because they stop one parent going within 50/100m of the other parent. So, one parent can easily use them to stop the other parent having any contact and then call CL and CS to say they are now having 100% care - and maximise their payments. Because temporary DVOs are usually handed out without the other party even knowing, the first time they may know this is happening is when CS calls them to "re-assess" their circumstances;

* despite professional psychologists being employed to produce family assessments and reports, a LOT of Family Reports are dismissed as biased;

* despite this disgrace in the court system, judges received salaries of between $300,000 and $350,000 pa from tax payers!

* corruption between judges is so rife, a Global Corruption Report was produced by Transparency International in 2007. A simple Google search on "family court corruption" or "judicial corruption" will show extensive world-wide corruption.

I know people on here will argue with me about these points. But you can walk into any police station and ask about this and they will tell you its true. Domestic violence is a joke. This is why people are being pushed to the limits and having psychological breakdowns, holding their children hostage and throwing themselves off bridges.

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