Monday, April 16, 2012

SkyCity carpark is the new kids play ground?

It's a sad indictment on a John Key government that allows SkyCity to saturate Auckland with more pokie machines. You think the two faced wimpish Key and his twisted cronies would see the problematic nature of providing a facility for addicted gamblers. This government is exactly the same as the Klarkula regime of absolute power , they are devoid of common sense and couldn't give a stuff about anything else other than reelection and protecting their deluded egos. SkyCity has National in their back pocket and it won't be long before the greedy wayward Nats put pokie machines in school cafeterias. As for CYF, they're so dysfunctional they're dangerous to all children. No doubt these kids will be abused while in the care of the disgraceful government department. It's little wonder we lead the Western World in child abuse.

What a sick country run by bent polticial scum of the earth.

Poor kids.

A couple who allegedly left their five children in a van in the SkyCity carpark while they gambled have reportedly been charged in relation to the incident.

The couple will appear in court next month, facing charges of leaving their children unattended, the New Zealand Herald said.

The children, whose ages ranged from five months to eight-years-old, were allegedly found alone in a van in the SkyCity carpark around 11am on a Sunday February 26.

They were placed in Child Youth and Family care after the alleged incident.

A CYF spokesperson said they were "safe and well" and were immediately taken into care once contacted by police.

SkyCity said their surveillance recordings indicated the children had been locked in the vehicle for about 45 minutes.

A couple returning to their car heard the children crying and notified SkyCity security staff.

Staff found the parents upstairs gambling in the casino.

The family was taken to Auckland central police station.

Peter Treacy, SkyCity's general counsel, said while incidents of this kind do occasionally occur, they were rare.

He said SkyCity has strict procedures in place for these type of events which includes calling police immediately, advising the Department of Internal Affairs and issuing the parent or guardian with a trespass notice.

In the past year, 1.76 million vehicles have been parked in the car park and staff have uncovered seven incidents of children being left in cars in that time.

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