Saturday, May 3, 2008

Anonymous camphylobacter keyboard cowards banned

I have had it with blogging, as the pus laden creeps have now accused me of the murder of Ashburton school girl Kirsty Bentley.I can't understand these obnoxious sad arse freaks, and it just goes to show how depraved the lefty snake supporters are. They will say anything too anybody, as their lust for Absolute Power distorts any possible decent thoughts.These Helen Clark slimy - spin doctors and misfit propaganda puppets have invented a Muslim version of dad4justice and used my name to spam comments on David Farrar's kiwiblog. These weasels leave a nasty taste in my mouth and I shudder at the thought of these criminally insane Labour Party cretins. What despicable larvae.

To the police that read this blog, especially my friend in the force, surely you understand now - Det Rex B - what I am confronted with on a daily basis? Blogosphere is full of criminality and this makes your beloved Labour Party only fit for the offal pit matey. How could they stoop to such low levels of personal attack? It is little wonder political corruption has tainted the police.

Due to many hurtful and malicious anonymous comments I have unfortunately had to switch the settings to allow only users with google accounts to post a comment on my blog.

The anonymous - warped freaks that post such garbage on blogosphere are beyond my comprehension. How could they post under the names of “The Ghost of Kirsty Bentley” and “IshaggedAlexLastNight”?For example - what kind of nutjob crank writes this ;

from The ghost of Kristy Bentley
to dad4justice ,
date Sun, May 4, 2008 at 12:28 PM
subject Why did you kill me?

hide details 12:27 PM (9 hours ago)

at 12:28 PM
subject Fwd: Why did you murder me Peter
hide details 12:27 PM (9 hours ago)

date Sun, May 4, 2008 at 10:54 PM
subject You murdered me. Now I want justice.

hide details 10:54 PM (8 hours ago)


Respond to these charges or I will haunt you forever. Be careful as you sleep tonight Peter, my spirit will be watching over you. I am working hard to make sure you are banned from contacting your children ever again. You just can't be trusted.

Death is so cold and lonely Peter, why did you do this to me?

What on earth is this malign internet coward on? Surely this is offensive to read and post on a man's birthday.These schizos should be in a straight jacket in a round prison cell !!There is no doubt a sleeper cell from the insane extreme left who would like me off blogosphere permanently.

How depraved and callous! Show some respect for both these young girls. I am horrified to think about what make these twisted minds tick.RIP Kirsty. What kind of scumbag person is behind such malicious language ? I don't want to know such weirdos. What disgraceful human beings. I can't explain their inexplicable actions.

These cowardly Internet creeps are beyond filth and I will no longer put up such dark - evil debauchery.

The reference to Kirsty Bentley and my daughter are hideous accusations that can only be expressed by a psychotic person who is badly both repugnant and severely deranged.

If anybody has the identity of the internet coward called fugley can they email me please.

I would like to thank the many people who have recently sent emails of support.
Enough is enough and cheers to the GOOD folk of this WORLD.

These insidious individuals that punch such vile rubbish into their camphylobacter keyboards are not worthy of anything useful in society.

In solidarity – 4 the kids


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday

dad4justice said...

Thank you Julie.

Anonymous Camphylobacter said...

Well, I never, the gall of some people.

It wasn'r me who accused you of murder.

I know who fugley is, where and when do you want to meet him? I can set it up for you.

dad4justice said...

Tell fugley that we can have a wee chat in the presence of my most interested barrister.Indeed, fugley doesn't understand that I already know who it is.I have known for ages and I just wanted to see how far they over stepped the mark. Talk about foul play, play the man not the ball crap.

fugley threatened to rape my daughter over a year ago and I still have the email. You call the cops fugley if you want. I got proof about you and you don't know what kind of shit I can bring down on you. You are pure evil!!!

Piss off you creep fugley.

ZenTiger said...

Happy Birthday for the other day Peter.

Good move to turn off anonymous comments. You should install a stat counter too, and make these clowns resort to proxy server services. Even then, they will leave fingerprints you can trace.

Juana said...

Chin up Peter

try to remember that this is NOT about you, it is about them.

Their need to be arseholes.

It has NOTHING to do with you or the person you are.

They are bullies in the internet play ground. They have problems, HUGE ones!

I am glad you have switched off the Anon comments.

You don't need to deal with this crap.

Belated Happy Birthday from Juana,

Spanishbride :)