Saturday, May 3, 2008

Police Tasers under the spotlight

Police are about to introduce these horrid things into my country New Zealand.There is no place in this world for these sadistic torture weapons.

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Andy Moore said...

what's wrong with the Police using tasers?

dad4justice said...

Andy my fear is that police will not be sufficiently trained in the use of these often lethal weapons, as the article states;
"but now some police are being given them after just two days' training."

The 50,000 volts is fatal to anybody with a pre existing heart condition.

The amount of unlawful discharges of police firearms is most careless and disturbing . Many cops lack the appropriate experience and the ability to operate any weapon in the correct fashion.

Anonymous said...

What's the problem? Scared of being taken down by one of those bad boys?

dad4justice said...

Why should I worry about a taser, as my cardiac condition means the voltage will be fatal. I suppose it makes no difference and it would just be a continuance to the several police and prisoner beatings I have received since being labeled as a child abusing –domestic violent nutbar in 2001. What the hell eh, who cares when police deny you your heart medication, clothes and blankets while trapped in the confines of the cold concrete cell. How many of you anonymous cowards have had para-medic’s reviving you back into breathing mode after police thrashings while in police custody?

Police are corrupt, horrible, sadist, mongrels that have tried to kill me on several occasions.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday battler!
Cheers GI Joe.

IshaggedAlexLastNight said...

Didn't know you had a heart dad.

The Ghost of Kristy Bentley said...

Peter, I hope you are tasered one day. I will pursue you from beyond the grave!