Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Judge Dread or Mr Spock ?

Judge Boshier gave a speech last month to an audience of radical feminists who are all lawyers in the De Family Court. This extract from the NZ Herald with some of his wayward comments;

Judges’ gowns are to make a comeback in the Family Court after its principal judge called for a change to help the court to be taken more seriously.
Family Court judges and lawyers are currently forbidden by law from wearing either gowns or wigs “to prevent unnecessary formality”.
Principal Judge Peter Boshier said he asked for a return of the gowns to raise the gravitas of the court in the public’s eye.
“I felt the Family Court ought to be seen by the public as a court that makes decisions that should be respected.
“We have suffered a little bit in the past from some people who have not taken Family Court decisions as seriously as they otherwise would have.
“So the introduction of the gowns is symbolic but important. It shows the court is a mainstream court whose decisions should be viewed no differently from any other court.”

Why does Judge Peter Boshier want to go back in time and adopt the Judge Dread look when he could go the way of the pommy judiciary and look like Star Trek characters? Come to think of it, he does resemble Mr Spock and I have no doubts he lives on some alien planet devoid of human feelings.He sure as hell speaks as though he his on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

No one in his or her right mind has an ounce of respect for the De -Family Court which is just a litany of lies, a cauldron of feminist agendas and packed to the brim with rampant unlawful gender discrimination. To rub salt into the wounds of so many f##ked over fathers’ judges salaries are obscene because golf club fees and fuel is expensive for the new jags and beamers. The De Family judges’ are guilty of large-scale parental alienation and child abuse!They cause severe heartbreak for so many paternal kiwi families. I mean to say a dad can face the same rotten judge in District Courts and then three weeks later have the creep deny you a defence in the De Family Court, which is not natural justice, let alone fair play. Thanks judge JJD - you criminal bastard!Dirty cops - dirty lawyers and judges !!!

Beam me up Scotty now FFS !! I must escape the demented and evil - Lord Justice Hogwash.

Do view the deluded pious poms on parade in the corrupt De Family Court in Pommyland;

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