Thursday, May 22, 2008

Truth Honesty Ethics Trust

Hey Dad !

Please be advised 200 plus pages of thoroughly researched material makes up the very informative Revised Edition of the book entitled "2008 - 2012 Rights and Freedom Gone !" (New Zealand Included ?) by Justin Thyme, author of "You Be The Judge."

This book (in paperback version) will be officially launched at Auckland Library, Lorne Street, on Friday 23 May, 2008, at approximately 12 noon.
You may wish to send a representative to obtain a complementary copy upon proof of media association.
The theme of the book's disclosures is firstly to briefly discuss some of the little known events which signify that basic thinking and attitudes has put this Planet and 80% of it's population, in grave danger.
Secondly the theme then recounts historic events bringing to light some common factors illustrating "how we have arrived at this mess"
Thirdly the book then proposes some solutions and closes with some very revealing confessions bound in as addendums.
It is an emotion grabbing assembly of the reality our offspring face unless collectively we act NOW!

All aspects of the greater picture will be more complete with a DVD which is still in the formatting. The DVD covers the two extreme ends of the spectrum which is outside the scope of written book material but the facts and message aptly complement the book's objective.

The E-book minus the Solutions Chapter can currently be viewed or downloaded FREE from
We trust you will help give this 30 year effort of monitoring and research, the exposure which the populace deserves.

Kind regards
Hugh Smith

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