Thursday, May 22, 2008

Keystone cops get it wrong yet again.

This is disgusting and I’m bloody livid that the dumb keystone cops allowed the murdering low life Kahui scum family time to concoct a story after the discovery of the two dead babies. The culturally sensitive lunkhead cops wouldn’t sit back and allow them time to make up a fairy tale alibi if they were white. The keystone’s can muster and dispatch half a dozen moronic idiots immediately to arrest a man for flicking his toddler’s ear lobes! In this tragic case they can’t be bothered organising an early intervention investigation that was needed. Why did they not carpet arrest and detain until the culprit coughed up the filthy name that slaughtered two babies. What a sad indictment for the totally incompetent law authorities. The keystones are bleating on about the lack of co-operation from the family but it was their ineptitude that allowed the homicidal maniacs time to cover their fetid arses! Who can respect such procedure and to make matters worse, the dumb arse cops are going to allow the perpetrators of this barbaric attack to get off scoff free! What message does this send to the criminal low life fraternity? This scum father is guilty and it is the fault of a thicko police force that this pig baby killer is laughing at you!

Who in there right mind can have any confidence in the dangerous and dysfunctional New Zealand keystone police.
This Nation is one SICK COUNTRY!!
RIP kids.

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