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With Special Guests:

* Kathleen Parker
* Peter Burns.

Author Kathleen Parker has created a furore around the world with her new book Save The Males. Don't miss this fascinating interview. So disenfranchised have men become, that only a woman can state the bleeding obvious, that the extreme sexism of gender feminism has done a great deal of harm to men, women, children, and society as a whole. For her pains she has attracted vicious criticism from the feminist pack. We'll also be talking with Peter Burns from New Zealand, who has been to court more than 200 times to right false allegations, proving that the family law system is just as appalling and just as discriminatory in NZ as it is in Australia.

But first up, Kathleen Parker.

She argues that feminism has neutered men and deprived them of their noble, protective role in society.
Writing in The Times of London she said:

"I know. Saving the males is an unlikely vocation for a 21st-century woman. Most men don't know they need saving; most women consider the idea absurd. When I tell my women friends that I want to save the males, they look at me as if noticing for the first time that I am insane. Then they say something like: "Are you out of your mind? This is still a male-dominated world. It's women who need saving. Screw the men!"

"Actually, that's a direct quote. The reality is that men already have been screwed - and not in the way they prefer. For the past 30 years or so, males have been under siege by a culture that too often embraces the notion that men are to blame for all of life's ills. Males as a group - not random men - are bad by virtue of their DNA.

"While women have been cast as victims, martyrs, mystics or saints, men have quietly retreated into their caves, the better to muffle emotions that fluctuate between hilarity (are these bitches crazy or what?) and rage (yes, they are and they've got our kids).

"In the process of fashioning a more female-friendly world, we have created a culture that is hostile towards males, contemptuous of masculinity and cynical about the delightful differences that make men irresistible, especially when something goes bump in the night.

"In popular culture, rare is the man portrayed as wise, strong and noble. In film and music, men are variously portrayed as dolts, bullies, brutes, deadbeats, rapists, sexual predators and wife-beaters. Even otherwise easy-going family men in sitcoms are invariably cast as, at best, bumbling, dim-witted fools. One would assume from most depictions that the smart, decent man who cares about his family and pats the neighbour's dog is the exception rather than the rule."

Columnist Amanda Patell wrote in the UK's Daily Mail:

"Every once in a while, a book not so much lands on your desk as lobs itself like a hand grenade, exploding preconceived wisdoms and shattering the bones of the status quo. Save The Males is such a book. It is the fiercest and most fearless defence of men, fatherhood and ultimately the family I have read in many years.

"American author Kathleen Parker's courageous thesis is that initially, through extreme feminism, then via its craven implementation into society, women have demonised men and trivialised their contribution, especially to family life.

"I say courageous because, in the eyes of many women and of the liberal establishment, suggesting men have had a rough deal is nothing short of heresy. Parker should be burnt at the stake, they cry. But isn't it ironic that only a woman could make such a plea for men?

"She argues: 'As long as men feel marginalised by the women whose favour and approval they seek, as long as they are alienated from their children and treated as criminals by family courts, as long as they are disrespected by a culture that no longer values masculinity tied to honour, as long as boys are bereft of strong fathers and our young men and women wage sexual war, then we risk cultural suicide.'

"It's enough to set a feminist's hair on end. Parker argues that in trying to make the world fairer for women, an adjustment most agree was vital, we have made it unfair for men. In our attempt to honour women, we have dishonoured men.

"By bending over backwards to make single mothers feel good about themselves, by diminishing the role of fathers, by elevating women as the superior parents, we have gone a considerable way to destroying one of the basic tenets of a successful society - family life.

"Apart from the effects of this seismic social shift on society, it is also grossly unfair. Can you imagine a world where men demanded women be more like them - dress like them, act like them, even look like them. Because that is effectively what our post-feminist society has done, but with the genders switched.

"The traditional male values, what Parker almost poetically calls 'masculinity tied to honour', are now seen as nothing more than a direct assault on women."

She goes on to say that feminists ridiculously believe that unless men are like women they insult them and threaten their existence: hence the feminisation of men, or as women so disingenuously describe it, getting in touch with their feminine side.

Too many men have been too utterly gutless or too craven in their desperate attempts to appease or please women to even support other men who have dared to speak these truths. Thus we see so few men supporting separated men, while a separated woman has an instant network of sympathisers often exploited to the hilt.

"Thus Hybrid Man was born," Patell writes. "An acceptable male model now is more likely to be of the David Beckham variety, wearing more make-up than the missus, hairless, perfumed, varnished, emasculated by his bossy wife and perhaps fond of wearing her undies.

"Good dads, loving husbands, supportive male role models, they're few and far between even in the fictional world of TV. But in the real world it wasn't enough that we demanded they be more like us, we superior human beings. We had to traduce men as well, treating them in almost all forms of popular culture as useless, ineffectual, even comic characters, or as violent, cheating and untrustworthy."
Joining the explosion of commentary around the world on this blockbuster book, Derek Lord in The Press and Journal wrote of Save The Males:

"The feminist movement has a new hate figure - someone who has inspired more loathing among its members than Hugh Hefner, Peter Stringfellow and all the other male chauvinist pigs you can think of - and, shock, horror, she's a woman.

"American author Kathleen Parker has written a book entitled Save the Males that challenges the foundations of 21st-century feminism. Bravely she contends that, initially, through extreme feminism and its adoption by western society, women have demonised men and trivialised their contribution, especially to family life.

"Her passionate defence of the male sex and their worth in the world at large has had many women across the pond foaming at the mouth. They regard Parker as a traitor to her gender. She dares to suggest that in trying to make the world fairer for women they have made it grossly unfair to men.

"She argues that by going out of our way to make single mothers feel good about themselves, by diminishing the role of fathers, by elevating women as the superior parents, we have gone a long way towards destroying one of the major building blocks of society - the nuclear family.

She laments the destruction of traditional male values that she describes as being "masculinity tied to honour", claiming that these values were regarded by feminists as a form of assault on the female gender. Thus there was a move towards Metrosexual Man, a softer, gentler creature who was encouraged to "get in touch with his feminine side".

"So Desperate Dan was out and David Beckham was in. Men shouldn't be afraid to dye their hair, wear perfume and use a little moisturiser to keep their complexion looking lovely.

"Parker also writes about the assault on the traditional male character in films and television. She calls this the Sitcom Man syndrome and asks us to try to think of a wholesome, reliable role model among the hundreds of screen dads we have seen over the past generation or two. Although she is obviously referring to the American output, she could just as easily be writing about TV shows and movies on this side of the water.

"Look at the types of men portrayed in any British soap or sitcom. They're either bumbling, feckless eejits like Coronation Street's Steve, the pencil-chewing taxi driver, or serial womanisers like the ginger minger in EastEnders.

"The state reinforces this low opinion of fathers on both sides of the Atlantic. Parker states: "The family courts effectively make fathers a slave to the state; his wages become state property; his time with his children is determined by a family court judge, and he faces jail if, for whatever reason, he fails to pay his child support on time."

Our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the Joe Ludwig, the minister responsible for the despised Child Support Agency in Australia, have been busily and utterly irresponsibly reinforcing these stereotypes with their hysterical and essential dishonest claims about separated fathers. While Rudd's swanning round Beijing basking in taxpayers dollars, how tough are many separated dads doing it back home in Australia tonight!!

One person who knows all about the brutality of the modern state is Peter Burns, one of the leading members of the fathers rights movement in NZ, he hosts a very successful website where he dispenses a wealth of information from around the world, to do with fatherhood issues.
He has been to court more then 200 times in order to fight false abuse allegations, which caused him to be restricted to just 14 supervised visits with his daughters over a 6 year period. That was until 12 months ago when his eldest daughter now 15 decided to come and live with him as she didn't believe all the bad things said about her father.

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