Friday, August 29, 2008

Discharge Order

Discharge Order
Domestic Violence Act 1995

In the Family Court
at Christchurch

Fam 2006 –009 –000709

Peter Joseph Burns
of Christchurch

of unknown

Upon application made to it, the Court orders that the Protection Order made in the Family Court at Ashburton on 17 December 2001 be discharged.

Andrew Tulloch
Deputy Registrar

Copies to:
Adrienne Edwards ( Child Counsel)


Mark said...

Hi Peter,

Congratulations! Where to next?

Best of luck for the future,


dad4justice said...

Thank you Mark.
Well the first thing I am doing is continuing concentrating on the up bringing of my 15-year-old daughter. I would then like to explain the incredible heartbreak caused through malicious false allegations that resulted in the Protection Orders. These insidious Orders may well be warranted for some fathers, however I can assure you that they are traumatic to handle when you are only guilty of being a loving father. This major depressive episode has been fatal for my family and is responsible for divisions amongst my four children. My mother died a heartbroken paternal grandmother and my children have questioned my priorities and sanity.Protection Orders destroy your self esteem. Anyway it’s sad because I care about my children’s safety and feelings 24/7. I am a lucky dad with two good-looking boys and two pretty girls.

On a positive note Mark I am officially looking for a job, will contact anybody as I would like to assist people trapped in the terrible world of injustice. I would like to crank up the Children Need Parents Trust and get on the front line working with police, courts and CYFS. Yeah right, dreams are free, for the moment anyway. Cheers Mark and take care dude.

Jim Bailey - JimBWarrior - HandsOnEqualParent said...

Keep dreaming Peter my friend.

You have achieved something fantastic here and I hope will go on achieving.

Many of us have learnt stuff that’s invaluable to others in these matters.

It must not be lost

If you can get a job and/or some sort of funding to let others gain from our lessons that would truly be great.



Madcap said...

Great to see some good news!
I just posted this on my blog. Not so good.