Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Law Seminar on Child Abuse by Ian Kennedy

Dear colleagues,

The attachment "Protecting children after Bieganski - how much is enough?" is a 1993 Family Law Council of Australia seminar paper written by the current Chair of the Family Law Section of the Council, Ian Kennedy. It is also available for download from

The members of the Law Council are appointed by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

Until now the paper has not been available on the internet. In a
letter to me, Kennedy says it was not intended to be read by the general public.

It shows that it has been known at the highest level of government
for years that the Family Court has been systemically abusing families and children.

The paper is of great interest, especially to anyone writing a
history of the Court or interested in bringing a class action against the Government.

Thanks to Gregory Lathome of the fathers4equality internet discussion group who kindly put the paper on file.

Please would you send the paper to anyone whom you think may be interested in reading it.


Michael Midgely

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