Friday, August 1, 2008

Men tell why they are Key to National

For years kiwi men have been bombarded and demonized by a Helen Clark gender bias government. She is the trigger and reason for the mass exodus across the ditch of the kiwi male . The personal that are employed by this radical feminist and homosexual Labour government work within the static of unlawful gender discrimination, which their mode of operation encourages. Tragically good men are driven off shore by the legalized child support extortion racket, false allegations of domestic violence as the vindictive and vengeful government agencies (that claim to act in the best interests of the child) overwhelm them with unfair obstacles.The Crime Act doesn't list a female assaults male charge? How odd !! How hard are these fathers to be driven in a country that does not adhere to principles that protect the best interests of the child? Male suicides give the answer. So that's in the best interests of the child?

Miss Clark is a childless leader, who enjoys the spoils of absolute power and the privileged leader position to endorse and implement her political ideologies.This is detrimental to a balanced and fair society. For example, how can balance be achieved when the head researcher at the Families Commission (Rowena Cave) is a radical feminist? Surely this is not in the best interests of acceptable community standards?
Men have genuine grievances resulting from the stranglehold the radical feminists' have inflicted on a hacked off struggling society . I doubt the dream boat National Party have the balls to address the widespread gender imbalance and inequality.Community spirits are hitting rock bottom and healthy male role models are as scarce as a honest politician but who cares?
The present shady behind closed doors H2 velvet underground policy is a shameful political atmosphere where corruption and lies flourish, and where a Ministry of Men's Affairs is a distant delusion !
It is little wonder the system breeds resentment.

New Zealand is a total utter disgrace and the Prime Minister is at fault.

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