Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pathetic keystone cops to issue red cards to DV suspects

I do wonder why the police bother with something as pathetic as a red card, because present law demands that a domestic violent offender is immediately incarcerated and faces a life as a respondent client in a prejudged gender bias de Family Court. The politicized and feminized keystone cops would be better off giving them the local undertaker's card. The reality is that men are guilty the instant the female makes the allegations and the truth doesn't matter in the sordid world of a sisterhood influenced Justice system.
I wonder how many falsely accused fathers' funerals I attend this year?

RIP - Joe, Ralph,Wayne........

Police to issue red cards to domestic-violence suspects

Domestic offenders are being given the red card by police in Christchurch.

More than 15,000 cards have been printed and are being given to alleged perpetrators in any domestic incident to which police are called.

Christchurch police family violence co-ordinator Pegeen Murphy said the cards were intended to give the person, usually a man, some options to get help.

"We get in early at the first domestic and give the guy a card," she said.

"It tells them there is help available. It's not about being punitive, but telling them it's OK to ask for help."

The cards, a joint effort by police and the Canterbury Abuse Intervention Project, have also been distributed around social agencies in the city.

Murphy said police had been handing out similar cards to victims for the past 10 years, and it was realised that nothing was provided for the alleged offender.

The first print run of 5000 went straight away, after they began handing out the wallet-sized cards last month, and the next run of 10,000 had almost been exhausted.

Murphy said the response had been good.

"No-one is out to get anyone. We just want them to make a change.

"The feedback from frontline officers is the guys are saying `good, something for me', which is good."

The six groups given as contacts for offenders will report back in three months on whether the cards have increased the calls they receive.

Christchurch police get called to a domestic violence incident every hour on average.

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