Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Final attempt at vindication.


FP 003/59/01. FAM 2003-009-001936. FAM 2006-009-000709

Peter Joseph Burns


Five members of the maternal family

Affidavit of Peter Joseph Burns in support of an application for a discharge of a domestic protection order.

Peter Joseph Burns say on oath;

1.The maternal grand parents made a notification to Child Youth Family Service (CYFS) in November 2000 claiming I was sexually abusing both my daughters.

2.The protection orders were based on false allegations made to police in July 2001 relating to male assaults female and several threatening to kill offences. Police withdrew the serious criminal charges, however they formed the foundation of the existing domestic violence orders. The protection orders were made 28 August 2001 and protected the following persons ????? These unfair protection orders were put in place without due process and honesty.

3 I have custody of my eldest teenage daughter and the insidious protection order makes it difficult to be taken seriously as a credible role model father. I am unable to tolerate any further humiliation, loss of dignity and integrity. The character assassination must stop, to which I, my four children, and other members of family have been subjected over the last seven years. Enough is enough.

4. I cannot tolerate the deceit and manipulation of/by the maternal family, dishonest lawyers, cruel psychologists, and the overzealous police. I am sick and tired of being involved in the lengthy and heartwrenching Family Court litigation process. Only last month the mother of the children made another notification to CYFS concerning my parenting skills. I am trying my best as a genuine falsely accused father and feel every step forward is hindered by the protection orders.

5. My Family and close friends have expressed their serious concerns at the impact these proceedings generally have had, and will continue to have, on my health generally. I have been medically diagnosed with endogenous depression due to the forced domestic violence proceedings.

6. The protection orders make me feel useless, unworthy and unable to contribute to society in any meaningful way. I am sick of being stereotyped as a violent / nasty dad even though I am deemed a fit and proper person for full custody of my 15 –year old daughter?

7.The Family Court must discharge the protection orders immediately. The Court must apologise and compensate for the gross mismanagement and the trauma caused by the implementation of the malicious protection orders. It is most upsetting that I cannot move forward in my life with the burden of injustice constantly placing restrictions and obstacles in my path.

Signature of Applicant

Sworn at Christchurch this 7th day of July 2008

Before Me;

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Madcap said...

Man I know it is rough. I had visitation for the past 8 years, after spending 28,000.00 in attorney fees. I never sought for custody, just visitation.

Last month I moved 350 miles north to Chicago for better work. I left on a Friday and by Monday mom had gone to DCFS and also got an order of protection.

Now I'm back to square one. Back to court, more money, more days off work. And yes, more sleepless nights.

My new wife of six years is a licensed councilor and has had a front row seat to all of the things mom has done to destroy my relationship with my daughters. She is amazed at how much the girl's mom gets away with.

I wish I could sue her for damages. I wish I could file charges for false reports. I wish I could file charges for harassment. I wish she would just leave me and my kids alone.