Monday, September 29, 2008

Seven years stuck in the sinister system!

My beautiful teenage daughter has gone down to stay with her mother, as it’s the first week of the school holidays. Today I report to a probation officer, hopefully for the last time. I have been on police bail or court supervision since I was falsely accused of sexual child abuse and domestic violence in July 2001. It has cost the taxpayer millions and unfortunately my Court file is moved around the Christchurch Courthouse by a forklift.

Some on blogsphere say I am crazy, but wouldn’t you be a tiny bit nuts if you had experienced 3 x police Armed Offenders Squad call-outs, police beatings, prisoner beatings, Paparoa prison Round Cell therapy, forced to take horrible psychotropic medications in a maximum security Mental Health forensic unit. Not to mention the 200 plus Court Hearings, dishonest judges, lying lawyers and twisted psychologists.

The sad reality and tragic fallout of such a major depressive episode is the death of my mother, nearly three years ago. She was a lady of Grace .As the paternal grandmother she didn’t understand why a Court appointed lawyer Chris Robertson from Ashburton could act for her two grand daughters. Mr Robertson was the first cousin to the maternal family seeking court protection? This unscrupulous sod wouldn’t allow mum to drop birthday and Christmas presents at his office for her grand daughters! She got that stressed she ended up in the Christchurch Hospital Cardiac Unit after experiencing a heart attack. A sinister Family Court who has blood on their insipid hands hounded her to death. She died heartbroken and estranged from her grand daughters. Well done Judge Boshier your Court kills.

Another repercussion of a being on the receiving end of barbaric and cruel persecution from state officials is the overwhelming obstacles placed in your way consume all your thoughts, often to the severe detriment of pre-existing father/child interactions. My twin sons, 24 this month have both suffered by watching their father getting smashed over by a corrupt and totally unfair system. I hope one day that they will understand that my all concentrated energy has been solely focused on clearing my badly damaged name. Last month I cleansed myself of the insidious protection orders that were invalidly made through corrupt criminal and civil procedures that breached all known Human Rights legislation. The Judge was so nice at the Discharge the Protection Order Hearing, until I said I am going to exact legal Natural Justice on every single unscrupulous cretin that has told lies about me. She said, you have that right Mr Burns, I said yeah right, I have been fobbed off with Appeals in High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, Human Rights Review Tribunal and every politician known to mankind.

False allegations have created a Family Court file that has supplied many deplorable so called professionals with income! Blood money you filthy liars.
Pity that my four children have suffered so much unnecessary heartbreak.

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Louise Uccio said...

I'm so sorry for your loss!