Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alec Baldwin's long anticipated book

Dear Peter,

Last Tuesday, Alec Baldwin's long anticipated book, A Promise To Ourselves:

A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce, chronicling his experiences with Parental Alienation and the family courts of Los Angeles was released.

On Wednesday Alec gave his first live TV interview about the book on ABC's daytime program 'The View.' In addition to Alec's story, Jill Egizii related her experiences as a mother battling parental alienation and how she has spent years out of the life of her children. I was also interviewed regarding the need for family law reform and shared parenting.

There was strong opposition from several groups protesting the content and airing of the program. Executives at ABC indicated their email system was overwhelmed by all the negative traffic.

Our thanks to Alec Baldwin for his courage in writing a candid book about his personal experiences with parental alienation and the courts. We also thank ABC and 'The View' for having the courage to tackle this controversial subject.

The View's audience is predominately female. I'm pleased to report there was significant support from both the audience and the hosts for improving the family law system in such a way that children are able to maximize their relationships with both parents, regardless of the parents marital status. 'The View' was a positive for Shared Parenting.

Click here
to see a couple of photographs from the show.


Mike McCormick, Exec. Dir.

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