Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kiwi Fathers Activists Return to Street Protests


September 2008

From Fathers Day 2008 (NZ), fathers working in coalition will join with other rights based protest groups organising a Sunday morning street based campaign protesting outside the homes of selected public figures.

Protest organiser Benjamin Easton, a disaffected father from Auckland now living in Wellington claims that the protests should be dubbed "the whistle blowing protests".

"When the general public watch a parliament funding debacle on the news," says Mr Easton, “the public are not told about the other relevant controversies in the country. Street and residence based protests blowing the whistle on judicial, political corruption and the media's neglect are likely the best way to get traction and gain the public's attention".

The first protest was held successfully on Father's Day in front of the National Party's law and order spokesman Simon Power's house. Mr Easton is adamant that the subjects should not be limited to one institution like the Family Court. "The public figures focussed upon should be representative of the highest offices in the country”.

The public figures subjected include judges, lawyers and politicians and Mr Easton extends the scope to the media. “If the media are not going to cover these major and controversial issues then the protests should extend to the media”. Mr Easton states that the protests are non violent. "The thing we should achieve is that the people we subject get to hear what it is they directly choose to forget. Violence is not necessary to achieve this goal. While people like Mr Power can ignore the allegations of judicial malfeasance the public cannot be protected from how he would use his power if he is elected. If he is prepared and protected to ignore the need for an investigation into other people's corruption then there is no security that corruption isn't alive and well".

The first protest was held in Wellington on 14th September .

Benjamin Easton
(a) Fathers Coalition

New Zealand

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