Saturday, September 13, 2008

Break through parenting online
Dear Peter,

Dr. Jayne Major is one of the few practicing psychologists who connect the dots between the current inappropriately adversarial family law system and the epidemic of parental alienation that results directly from the disastrous “winner-take-all” approach to family law of the sole-custody model of divorce, that inevitably pits one parent against the other to the detriment of their children. We highly recommend the Breakthrough Parenting Course that Dr. Jayne Major announces below:

Divorce, child custody disputes, lawyers, minors counsel, monitors, restraining orders, family law court, evaluators, angry ex-spouses, disobedient children, parental alienation, exorbitant amounts of money gone -- what can you do?

I am Jayne Major, Ph.D. and I have specialized in a parent education intervention program in divorce and child custody disputes for over 25 years. I have taught classes and written books and articles for parents that thousands have used to help them first understand better what is happening in their family, and second, most of all, what they can do about it.

On my new website, under the tab Divorce and Child Custody , I have included a five part plan for parents who are going through a difficult child custody dispute. The information here has helped countless parents and it is easily available to you!

The Divorce and Child Custody section includes:

The Breakthrough Parenting Course

Creating a Successful Parenting Plan

Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS):

a. Parents Who Have Successfully Fought PAS
b. Helping Clients Deal with Parental Alienation
c. The Causes, Costs and Controversies of PAS

Questionnaire "Am I a Parent Alienator?"

Gregory Mantel Show on Parental Alienation

Furthermore, I am pleased to tell you that my entire course, Breakthrough Parenting: Moving Your Family from Struggle to Cooperation, is now online and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any where in the world! I invite you to become a member of the world's most comprehensive, online parenting class and community site.

Parents who are going through difficult divorces and child custody disputes need to have excellent parenting skills to combat the troublesome behaviors of children who are floundering, confused about who to believe and showing distressed behaviors. You can count on an improvement in your child's behavior and a firming up of the loving bond between you and your children when you use the breakthrough methods.

Parents may receive a letter of participation at any time as they move through the course and an official "Certificate of Completion" when they finish the course.

What will you learn in

Outstanding Communication Skills

Win/Win Problem Solving Methods

Building Self-Esteem for all Family Members

Stress Management, Anger and Conflict Resolution

Deciding on the Best Parenting Style for Your Family

Discipline, Boundary and Limit Setting vs. Punishment

How to Talk About Sensitive Subjects includes:

Breakthrough Parenting Text Book

Breakthrough Parenting Workbook

Audio Recording of Breakthrough Parenting Book

Video of Dr. Major Teaching Each Class

Radio Show from the Parent Empowerment Hour

"Ask Dr. Jayne," Articles, Forum, Blogs

Divorce and Child Custody Comprehensive Program

Proof of Enrollment, Progress Reports and a Certificate of Completion will be sent to you FREE. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

"People underestimate the complexity and difficulty of parenting children. Given what is at stake, a lifetime of misery or joy, parents should run, not walk, to parenting classes."

Jayne A. Major, Ph.D. Los Angeles Times September 23, 2007


Anonymous said...

I thought this might be a worthwhile site to get some information for my site.

Then I saw this.........

I've seen several dramatic cases where the father was the alienator. In one case, the father had no control over his obsession to trash the mother. Numerous professionals told him, including the mother, that he could have shared custody if he would be willing to follow the rules. He
didn't have the self control to do this. When he lost custody because of his aberrant behavior, he became a celebrity in the father's rights movement and took his campaign into national circles. No one would know from hearing him speak about his situation that there was serious pathology going on (PAS) or how hard the professionals worked to stabilize it.

Moreover, in cultures where women traditionally have no tangible rights, alienation by the father can be severe.......

She sounds anti a father in particular.

Jayne Major said...

Hello dads,

Thank you for posting the announcement about our new website I am happy to put on line the Breakthrough Parenting course that I have taught for 25 years to groups of about 10 at a time. Online education is the way to reach many more with this sophisticated level of parent education.

It is through these classes that I have been exposed to the frequently disastrous results of appealing to family law court processes to protect children; especially a child's relationship to a dad.

I am grateful that I had a father, very grateful. It is hard to imagine that anyone can be dismissive of the importance of a father in a child's life.

I hope that you will become a member at our site and actually take the course on line. You will never regret it.

Blessings to you.

Dr. Jayne