Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fathers Day - Revenge is mine said the Lord

Happy Fathers Day, especially all the men struggling with the orchestrated injustice of the Family Court. I suppose the survivors of the injustice should be thankful we didn’t take the suicide is painless option. RIP Wayne C, Joe L and Ralph C. God have mercy on your souls and God exact revenge on the criminals that staff the Family Court.

I will expose the masonic lawyers and judges who fleece men and their creepy network of power. For example shall I ring the Family Court report writer, John Watson a member of the parole board and clinical psychologist. This highly paid state official was directed by Judge John Strettell to leave my mother out of Family Court proceedings, because the lengthy litigation had caused major health problems for my dearly loved mother. This sneaky two-faced prick did not adhere to the judge’s directive and continued too maliciously hound my mother. She died heartbroken four days after one of his upsetting phone calls. John Watson had succeeded in his mission. He just lives around the road. Should I go and give him a father’s day present? Yeah right, the corrupt police would like that. I think Church is the better option.

The sick Family Court use ex-partners to maliciously attack them in secret closed family courts with no due process but most importantly NO JURIES.
Heather Mills only one example of the lies golddiggers get away with in these dens of iniquity.

The Family Court is a dirty fight and the damage to my four children has been horrific. I cannot express in words the disgusting antics of CYFS, lawyers, judges, counsellors, psychologists and police.

If I had known back then what lay ahead for my family and four children I would not have helped create four beautiful and much loved children into this lying corrupt world.

Happy Fathers Day – yeah right where is my megaphone judge!

Revenge is mine said the Lord.

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